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Easy documentation Easy documentation Easy documentation is just that: An easy way to present documentation with WordPress. You will find all available documentation on each of our topics here. An extensive collection of guides to our WordPress topics.

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Please also refer to the FAQ for development documentation. Following article can use program words without providing detailled explanation for non-programmers. Message Type - Create new message type that is not the message displayed in the master ribbon. Taxionomies - Create new species of taxionomies that are not the built-in ones.

Dashboard Widget Application Programming Interface - A resource with samples for add new Widget to the Administrator dashboard. API Preferences - A sample of how to add new preferences to your current Preferences screen. Widget API - A credential with samples for building a widget for use in the sidebar. Quick tags API -A pointers for add button to the HTMLditor.

File System API References for read and write file system read s and writes to the file system for safe execution on a wide range of hosts.


Updates of recent projects: Hi everyone, the amount of work involved in the migrations is monitored via Trello and a Google Sheet. It is now open to the world and some have expressed interest in participating in the completion of the DevHub migrations. Atachibana leads the efforts and revises the cast so that new cast members can actually continue where things left off.

We need to get @drewapicture as well as @coffee2code at the next Doc session to get them. We need to get @atimmer and @drewapicture at the next Doc meetings to get updated. It also has a few suggestions on the committee that it would like to comment on before the next session so that the committee can make a decision.

Unfortunately, the tag lists for all members and participants have been posted and are currently being edited. in the #docs on Slack. Updating of recent projects: No specific phase 1 update yet. kenshino will ping the meta-team and will probably participate in the meta-team-meeting to do so.

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