Wordpress Dyad Theme

Worldpress Dyad Theme

Selected content slider The Dyad 2 shows words and pictures in perfectly balanced form: The presented picture and the text extract of a contribution are charged equally on the blogs homepage, while individual contributions and pages show dynamic, dependent on the monitor sizes, picture sizes and positions. This homepage shows a featureured content slide control that shows up to 6 contributions with a large featureured picture.

The Dyad 2 is a Receptar forks, a theme from WebMan Design. Features content slider on the homepage. How to create the Featured Content area: Make sure your home page is configured to show the latest postings by going to My Website ? ? Customize ? Homepage Settings. Open the Featured Content field in the Customizer.

Select a term you want to use as the featured content day and paste it into the text box. It is recommended to use a small letter of a singular term as shown. At least make a few contributions. Use the Tags & Categories pane of the Editors for each posting you want to publish to include the tags you selected in Customize ? featured content.

Include a feature picture in every posting you make. Pictures work best in the slide control if they are at least 1800px width and 1280px high. View the full tutorial on setting up feature content and the movie. Dyad 2 will show your tagsline above the custom header picture if no content has been added to the customizer.

You can upload a custom head screen by going to ? Customize Head Screen. When the website uses a fixed title page, the design displays the featured image of that page in the head area. When one of them is not mapped, the design is reset to the Featured Content slide bar.

The Custom Header Images will be shown on the title page instead if no contributions have the Featured Contents tab. Default mail formats show the featured images on the right side and the primary contents on the right side. One of the most important features of the full width feature is the full width feature.

Head Nav Dial MenĂ¼. Menue for soft link in the bottom line. The Dyad 2 software provides two custom menus - one in the head area for page browsing and the other in the foot area for linking to your favorite online content, known as the Dyad 2 Video Profile Linking. Dyad 2 turns these hyperlinks into symbols of your own choice, and you can easily create your own Dyad 2 profile.

Following chart-tools are available in the Dyad 2 chart-link area. The Dyad 2 has a dynamically changing Widget area in the bottom, which is displayed in up to four column widths according to how many widgets are added. The Dyad 2 comes with a specific stylesheet for customization. Now you can include the Click To Call category in your HTML editor or text Widget link to make "Call to Action" buttons:

Featured image sizes should be at least 1800 x 1280. Design scales and crops pictures according to page and unit sizes. We recommend a minimum of 1800 x 720 custom header area.

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