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You' ll get a new subscriber, and your users will get free ebook download. WorldPress for beginners, the missing guide! from WPBrix.com. WordPress can be downloaded free of charge from www.

wordpress.org. Allow the user to download your eBook or other file after you have inserted his mail. eBook download Pro features: Download free of charge from Design Your Own website with WordPress from Babbat.

Thirty-four free e-books about Wordpress & Online Business

What should you use WordPress for? Cause it' fantastic. WordPress is a web site build environment for a variety of purposes. Go through a full check list for setting up iThemes with a description of preferences, Per functions, and WordPress basics. We have summarized all important checklists for your next WordPress website entry in a practical e-book.

Breaking the freelancer's hunger and feasting cycles by reselling WordPress Care to your customers. So, you just have WordPress on your computer - fantastic! There are 11 things you can do to create a great WordPress page.

Adding Ebook Downloads to WordPress

Would you like to include ebook downloading to your WordPress page? With WordPress you can easily download and save your e-book in PDF file form. They can also resell e-books or use them to attract more e-mailers. We' ll show you in this tutorial how to download your ebook into WordPress and how to get the most out of your work.

Instant Ebook Download allows you to download your e-books and attach a hyperlink to your WordPress page so that all your WordPress visitors can download them. First, you need to modify the article or page on which you want to download the eBook. Click the "Add media" icon on the post-production screens.

The WordPress Multimedia uploader pop-up window appears. Click on the "Select files" icon to download the e-book from your computer. After uploading, you can see your chosen eBook data. When your eBook is in PDF form, you can also see a glimpse of the first page of your eBook.

In the right pane you can enter the name, caption and text of your ebook. It is also possible to choose how your ebook should be referenced. It will by default associate with the e-book itself and this is the one you want. To include the download of eBooks in your posting, click the "Add to Post" icon.

That' all, you have successfully added your ebook download in a WordPress article. The download will look like this: The direct addition of an ebook download to your WordPress postings is simpler and will work for most people. But if you want to use your e-book download to expand your e-mail lists, increase your converting and get more content then try this approach instead.

OptionMonster comes with utilities to help you build nice shapes in which the user is asked to execute an operation before they send it to the ebook download. In principle, you are offering your customers free bonuses in exchange for a small promotion such as registering for your e-mailinglist. You' ll get a new subscription, and your user will get free ebook download.

See our step-by-step tutorial on adding WordPress capacity enhancements for details. Would you like to resell ebook files on your WordPress page? With WordPress you can build your own WooCommerce shop. The WooCommerce is a high-performance and extremly simple to use WordPress eCommerce plug-in. It can be installed on your WordPress page or you can build a new shop to resell your e-books.

Can be used to resell both tangible goods (things that need to be shipped) and downloadable items (e-books, music, softwares, etc.). You can find a full step-by-step tutorial in our manual for starting an on-line shop. Hopefully this post has help you understand how to attach ebook files to WordPress for download.

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