Wordpress Ebook Template

Ebook Wordpress Template

Newsletter module is integrated into this eBook Sales website template. WordPress 15+ eBook topics: Designed to increase sales of authors online. E-books are a great way to build your reputation and earn more money. While there are many plattforms available where you can yourselves resell your e-books and while they can certainly enhance the exposure of your e-book, the easy reality is that in most cases, you have to divide the profits with that plattform.

That' s why many writers turn to WordPress topics that are specifically designed to increase the sale of their e-books. There' no question that you could take any WordPress topic and combine it with an eCommerce plug-in to build an on-line shop and begin to sell your eBooks. But e-book topics have a few specific functions that make the job of promotion and sale of your e-books much simpler.

Preview Chapters - Anyone interested in an e-book will appreciate the opportunity to review one or two chapters before making a decision to buy. Authors Information - If you are a new writer, the provision of your autobiography is a need, especially if you are considering more e-books. Responsible Design - It goes without saying that your website should be reactive as the use of portable equipment increases.

Call to Trade - The topics presented here have several strategically placed call to action button locations that inspire your reader to buy your e-book. Today we have put together a collection of the best WordPress e-book topics with an elegantly and appealing theme. It includes functions that help boost your e-book purchases.

Skip to these great WordPress topics for writers so you can create your website quickly and easily to sell your e-books or novels quickly. The Booker is a classy and reactive WordPress motif devoted to advertising and the sale of your e-books. There are several parts of the homepage where you can give a preface to your text along with a listing of chapter, split a chapter previews, and incorporate review from various papers.

They can also use the logo of journals and papers that have checked your e-book. Remarkable functions such as the possibility to browse the books and browse on a tray or your mobile telephone. In addition, the design is fully customizable and comes with Visual Composer Builder and Revolution Slider.

The WordPress topic is designed to promote both a singular volume and several volumes, according to your specifics. Comes with a built-in reader foam that' s great for getting your reader interested. It is a fast reacting topic that can be easily converted into any desired text thanks to WPML translation.

The Flatbook is characterized by a nice and contemporary slim layout with three different demonstration-layout. There are also 13 distinct parts to share: Preview Chapters, Review Videos, Readers' Letter Rewiews, as well as several Campaign Invitations that encourages users to buy your e-book. Adjusting this WP motif is simple and intuitively.

Changing colours, font styles and many other aspect of the look is as easy as clicking a single icon. Additional functions are a page Builder, a fast reacting layout, a parallel scroll effect and full MailChimp support. Look at the Cosonix issue if you want a one-sided look that not only allows you to advertise your eBook, but also provides integrations with MailChimp and Aweber, so you can expand your e-mail lists slightly for upcoming leads and promotional activities.

The WP landings page topic can also be integrated with Paypal, so that you can handle all your payment transactions from the sales of your books with ease. Cosonix also provides full controls over the look and feel of your website, as well as fully reactive lay-out and localisation assistance. With three different demonstration suites, Bebo allows you to incorporate commercials that help you promote your books and measure the interest of anyone who visits your site.

They can also add a Teaser section to an upcoming volume and publish a short biography of themselves. WooCommerce handles your books and you can simply build your own layout and pages using the Visual Composer Designer provided. It is a one-page topic that provides full MailChimp connectivity.

It allows you to expand your e-mail lists by providing a previewer of the books in return for an e-mail adress. Sharing testimonies from those who have reread your books and providing your own personal life. The WordPress topic for writers can be quickly adapted. The design provides boundless colour choice in customisation and can be integrated into Google fonts.

Booklovers is a good option for an experienced writer with several eBooks or it can also be used for bookshops that want to resell works by several writers on-line. Its design features many shortcuts and a powerful drag-and-drop build tool for simple adjustment. The WooCommerce solution is responsible for distribution and payments.

One of the remarkable features of the topic is the possibility to present a certain type of product according to the reader's preference or to emphasize a current product, which is useful for increasing turnover. It is another WordPress subject that can be used by bookshops or publishers, but it can also be used by writers who have a wide range of eBooks or textbooks for purchase.

Now you can create links to your eBook at Amazon or Kindle and present some of your eBooks as a favorite option. Infinite colours, lettering, slider controls for bookflips and an attractive look round off the range of functions. Foreword is an appealing ebook WordPress topic for writers that incorporates powerful filter functions to display all your favorite types of work.

There is also a page template to land on, which is great for advertising a new or forthcoming album. Font, color and other design issues can be adjusted using WordPress Live Customizer. There is a full inclusion of your own brand of community content, which allows you to interact with your readership on community content and give them the opportunity to publish your books via their profile on-line.

The Off The Shelf was developed with a view to converting, so the subject puts particular emphasis on optimizing your SoEO. This topic contains a variety of different layout options that can be used individually or in combination with each other. Create high-performance Bookland pages with videos and preview chapters and add a fully-fledged shop to your books.

In addition, the redesign is fully customisable and highly reactive. The Avatar is the perfect choice if you are looking for a distinctive and contemporary avatar with soft parallelism. There is a minimum amount of styling that focuses on your contents. Add a promotion to your e-book and provide preview chapters and review.

Unrestricted color and font sizes make it simple to adjust the look, and each page template has extra adjustment possibilities. Further functions are fast and retinal designs, Visual Composer Page Builders and localisation assistance. PaperShop provides full WooCommerce solution to facilitate the sale and collection of books. There are several slider controls you can make to advertise your most favorite books or give a teaser to them.

Every page can be customized with the Visual Composer plug-in, and the Extended Topic Option pane makes it simple to adjust colours, font, logos, backgrounds and more. Multiple page layouts are contained in this WordPress topic, so you can exchange experiences about your eBook, build a page and more.

After all, the topic is appealing and optimised for advancedEO. Novella is a highly reactive eBook WordPress topic with the possibility to provide stylistic animation for section preview. This topic is integrated into the Easy Digital Downloads plug-in, which takes care of selling books. There are several demonstration layout themes for the Accountant Topic, so you can customize them to fit an e-book shop or as an author's website to promote your e-book.

Present any ebook or notebook you have for purchase in a classy roundabout. There is the possibility to see your favorite title in previews, review it or buy it immediately. There comes with WooCommerce assistance and enhanced topic customization to suit your needs.

In addition, the topic is fully reactive and provides the option to display your text or picture inversion in the pre-view. One of the most important things about eBooks is that you can find all the eBooks you have for purchase directly on the homepage. You can create this WordPress topic for writers to quickly present your work.

There are also test reports as well as the possibility to sort the volumes by category. Additional functions of eBookie includes MegaMedia, Visual Composer Builders, Revolution Sliders and localisation assistance. eBookie serves as a destination page to emphasise what your eBook is about. Multiple section provide review and another section provides the opportunity to browse through your own volume and get a glimpse of the chapter.

The eBook Reference Designer is a remarkable feat, which lets you use Photoshop to design your own eBook Reference Guide and integrate it into your design. Apart from that, this WordPress topic is completely reactive and provides boundless colour selections. A lot of writers are at a loss when it comes to advertising their e-books on the Internet.

Make your website look right on your eBook - Using similar or similar colours on your website to those found on your eBook covers will help your site users connect you as the writer with the eBook they see on the web. The use of a design with many adjustment choices such as Foreword or FlatBook is a great option.

You can use a contrast colour and look at a topic like a booklover that contains shortcuts for simple key placement. An Avatar topic like this provides full coverage for streaming review. Free Give Away - Several topics on our featured lists above, such as book, features integrated with MailChimp that can be used to grow your e-mail lists.

If you offer them one or two chapters for free, you have a good opportunity to increase your numbers of books sold. Clear and compelling copies - Clear designs and high-performance capabilities are important, but if your copy is poor, your revenues will decline. Ensure that your headlines clearly state what your eBook is about and use a seductive phrase to help you make your phone call.

Provide your e-book for free for a certain period of your life - Many writers have seen results by providing their whole e-book for free for a certain period of your life or by providing one of their e-books for free. Think about distributing the sales page of your books on as many free and remunerated promotional pages as possible.

Avoid Diversions - Many of the topics on our lists have a one-sided look or act as target pages, and for good reasons. Often, one-page topics and target pages avoid possible diversions such as societal medias hyperlinks, navigational menu, side bars and footer lines so that the users can concentrate on the contents.

It is a tried and tested way to boost revenue, so make sure your chosen topic has a clear and concise outline. The choice of the right WordPress topic is only the beginning of your author's itinerary. The next thing you do is encourage your website and e-book to get the Word out and boost your revenue.

Select one of our high-quality topics to achieve your objectives.

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