Wordpress Ecommerce website Examples

Examples of Wordpress Ecommerce websites

The first example is a shop for handmade shoes from Spain. Redd Superfood Energy Bars website focuses on the product. The Yubico website is modern and full of information. Sodashi' s website focuses on telling a story.

1. <font color="#ffff00">-=http://www.bluestarcoffeeroasters.com/=- proudly presents

I present in this paper five inspirational e-commerce stores created with WooCommerce on WordPress. Every store has its own product and a different set of lessons to help you with your next project. Soon WooCommerce becomes the most favorite WordPress e-commerce plug-in. The Blue Star coffee roaster is such a nice site that it is the key characteristic on the WooCommerce home page.

Featuring stunning images and high end designs, this site demonstrates the power with which WooCommerce can be customised for a particular market. Products pages don't look like any other WooCommerce store products page, so you don't have the general templating feeling. Second, when you put a item in your shopping basket, it will immediately appear in the right side bar, which is a good enhancement of the UI over the default one.

I would like a more detailled description of the products as a prospective client. Blue Star would also like to include extra pictures of the products, such as close-ups of the coffees, on the pages. Viewer Magazin-Store. "WooCommerce's oldest continuous issue British style magazine" uses WooCommerce to run its store, which has a New York (magazine) feeling that' s second to none.

The Spectator Store makes the WooCommerce default functions seem to vanish into the designs. On the home page, the store presents a uniquely diverse selection of categories as well as favourite items that arouse visitors' interest. It also does an outstanding job of presenting related items in the right side bar on the item pages instead of the default location below the item where they may not be visible.

If you click on the pictures of the products, the popup is the standard WooCommerce software, which is a little slower. I would like to see higher grade pictures and lightboxes for a location of this size. In his e-commerce store, these accessoires are presented with outstanding pictures. Products are large and nice.

The WooCommerce Cloud Zoom plug-in is also used by Wakami for creating custom images. In addition, Wakami should in some way be discussing its history on each and every page of the products. The New Zealand company Forage & Graze leaves a powerful first imprint on its homepage with a distinctive logotype and high-quality images that speak to its trademark.

This website has only a few handfuls of items, but presents them to the public well and in high-quality designs. This website does a good job to integrate the brand's history into the overall website and not to market the finished part. They also use images on the produce page to give the user a better feeling for the produce.

Principal artwork appears small for the place on the page. It should also highlight the characteristics of each of the products in order to improve readability, as opposed to a section of text. The Dealotto has a neat and nice front page with a one-of-a-kind emphasis on the sale of everyday design dealings in a one-of-a-kind way.

A clear call to manoeuvre "buy now" and the declaration of possible profits in the side bar are well thought-out features of the game. To leave the end product to random is a smart strategy that makes buyers click.

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