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Under the editor, click the large blue Update File button. When you don't see the button, you may need to change the permissions for the file with your FTP application. <?php.

Edit the Contribution Management screen. The Functions.php file is a theme file provided by WordPress to provide theme functions.

edit.php by masters - WordPress

Edit Mail's Administration Screen. require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . The following are available:' ); output; globally $post_type, $post_type_object; $post_type = $typow; $post_type_object = get_post_type_object( $post_type); wp_die( __('Invalid contribution typ. ' ) ) ); '' .

__( Sorry, you are not permitted to edit contributions in this contribution types.' ) . php? p=' . } absint( $_REQUEST[ $_redirect ] ) ) ) ) ) ) ; exit; unset( $_redirect ) ; $parent_file = "edit. php?

php' means ; $doaction = $wp_list_table->current_action() ; check_admin_referer('bulk-posts') ; $sendback = remove_query_arg('trashed','untrashed','deleted','locked','ids'), wp_get_referer()) ; Admin_url( $parent_file); Admin_url( $sendback = add_query_arg('paged', $pagenum, $sendback ); Admin_url( $post_new_file); // Preparation for deleting all messages with a specific mail state ( i. Default: $post_status = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9_-]+/i','', $_REQUEST['post_status'] ); // Check if the mail queue exist.

wp_redirect ( $sendback ); $post_ids = $_REQUEST['media']; $post_ids = explode(',', $_REQUEST['ids'] ); $post_ids = array_map('intval', $_REQUEST['post'] ) ); wp_redirect ( $sendback ); exit; case'trash':' ); wp_die( __('Error during recovery from recycle bin. ) ); $untrashed++; $sendback = add_query_arg('untrashed', $untrashed, $sendback ); break; case'delete': $deleted = 0; $post_del = get_post( $post_id); wp_die( __('Sorry, you may not remove this element.

The following is a list of the following: )); $deleted++; $sendback = add_query_arg('deleted', $deleted, $sendback ); break; case 'edit': |done = bulk_edit_posts( $_REQUEST) ; $done['updated'] = count( $done['updated']] = count( $done['updated']) ; $done['skipped'] = count( $done['skipped']) ) ) ; $done['locked'] = count( $done['locked']]]) ; $sendback = add_query_arg($done, $sendback) ; break ; défaut : isendback = apply_filters( 'handle_bulk_actions-' . get_current_screen()->id, $sendback, $doaction, $post_ids) ; Pause ;

remove_query_arg( array('action','action2','tags_input','post_author','comment_status','ping_status','ping_status','_status','post','bulk_edit','post_view' ), $sendback ) ; wp_redirect( $sendback ) ; exit() can be used_enqueue_script('inline-edit-post') ; wp_enqueue_script('heartbeat') ; $title = $post_type_object->labels>name;'id' =>'overview','title' => __('Overview')),''. Your contributions are displayed on this page.

', ); 'id' => 'screen-content', 'title' => __( 'screen content'), '' . You can show and hide column according to your needs and use the options page to determine how many contributions should be listed per monitor. If you want to see only articles with this state, you can use the text link above the article listing to sort the article by article state.

Normally all contributions are displayed. You can display contributions in a basic track listing or with an abstract using the Screen Options page. Use the drop-down menu above the post lists to fine-tune the lists to display only items in a particular categories or from a particular months.

It is also possible to fine-tune the listing by selecting the artist, catagory or day in the posting listing. ', );'id' =>'action-links','title' => __('Available Actions'),'' . If you hover your mouse over a line in the posting history, you will see actions link to help you organize your posting.

The __ ( Edit will take you to the edit page for this entry. It is also possible to get to this page by pressing the heading of the article. __ ('Quick Edit provides online control over the posting info, so you can refresh the posting info without exiting this page. Remove __( Trash your message from this mailing and put it in the Recycle Bin, where you can remove it from.

__ ('Preview shows you what your design will look like when you release it. Views takes you to your web page to see the article. The available links depend on the state of your contribution. ', ); 'id' => 'Mass actions', 'title' => __( 'Mass actions'), '' .

You can also edit or move more than one post to the Recycle Bin at a time. Use the check boxes to choose the items you want to respond to, then choose the item you want to perform from the Mass Actions drop-down list, and click Accept. If you use Bulk Edit, you can edit the subdirectories ( category, artist, etc.) for all your chosen articles at once.

In order to delete a contribution from the grouping, simply click on the x next to the name in the Mass processing area displayed. ' ); 'id' => 'Overview', 'Title' => __( 'Overview'), '' . Pages are similar to postings because they contain a caption, text, and associated Meta data, but they differ in that they are not part of the timeline bloodlines, similar to persistent postings.

', ); 'id' => 'Managing Pages', 'title' => __( 'Managing Pages'), '' . Page management is very similar to posting management, and screen customization is the same. You can also do the same kinds of things, for example, you can restrict the listing by using a filter, you can restrict the effect on a page by using the shortcut buttons that appear when you move the mouse over a line, or you can use the Mass Operations menus to edit your page by page at the same time.

');'heading_views' => $post_type_object->labless->filter_items_list,'heading_pagination' => $post_type_obect->lables->items_list_navigation,'heading_list' => $post_type_objet->lables->lables->lits_list, );'per_page','default' =>20,'option' =>'edit_' . _pro_page', );'updated' => isset( $_REQUEST['updated']) ) ) ? Absint( $_REQUEST['updated'])) : 0,'locked' => isset( $_REQUEST['locked'] )) ? ? absint( $_REQUEST['locked'] ) : 0,'deleted' => isset( $_REQUEST['deleted']] ) ) ) ) ? absint( $_REQUEST['deleted'])) : 0,'trashed' => isset($_REQUEST['trashed']] ) ? ?

absint( $_REQUEST['trashed']] ) : 0,'untrashed' => isset( $_REQUEST['untrashed']) ) ) )) ? absint( $_REQUEST['untrashed']) : 0, ) ; $bulk_messages = tableau();'updated' => _n('%s Beitrag aktualisiert. Your contributions are up to date.', %s Contributions updated.', $bulk_counts['updated'] ), 'locked' => ( 1 == $bulk_counts['locked'] ) ? ? __( 1 posting not refreshed, someone is working on it. ' ) : _n( '%s posting not refreshed, someone is working on it.

%s contributions not refreshed, someone is processing them. bulk_counts ['locked'] ),'deleted' => _n('%s contribution durably deletes. %s contributions durably deletes. o, $bulk_counts['deleted'] ),'trashed' => _n('%s contribution shifted to can. %s contributions have been removed to the recycle bin. _n _bulk_counts['trashed']),'untrashhed' => _n('%s post restored form ated from the Trash.

%s contributions from the trash. The following page : $bulk_counts['untrashed']]], );'updated' => _n('%s page updated','%s pages updated', $bulk_counts['updated']),'locked' => ('locked' => $bulk_counts['locked']) ? ? ? __('1 page not refreshed, someone is working on it. ' ) : _n( '%s page not refreshed, someone is working on it.

Pages not refreshed, someone is working on them. Buulk_counts ['locked'] ),'deleted' => _n('%s page durably deletes. Pages irretrievably erased. Buulk_counts ['deleted']] ),'trashed' => _n('%s page moved to the Trash. %s pages have been placed in the trash. o, $bulk_counts['untrashed']] ), ), ), ); * Filter the actualized news of the masses.

Normally, user-defined mail items use the message for the mail item mail item to send them. with ' updated', ' locked', ' deleted', ' destroyed' and ' unshaved'. $_SERVER ['REQUEST_URI'] = remove_query_arg('locked','skipped','updated','deleted','trashed','untrashed'), $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] )) ; $wp_list_table->inline_edit() ; include( ABSPATH and ..

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