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Soon WordPress could get an update for publishers! Take a look at our deep insight into the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor, as well as some advantages and disadvantages. Use of the visual editor Ourual editor provides a semi-WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that lets you simply build, modify, and reformat your blogs, similar to a text editor. Two ( 2 ) sets of processing symbols exist in theual editor.

The first time you open it, the Viewer Editor displays a unique set of icons: Helpfile - displays some information about using the editor and key combinations. Styles drop-down allows you to modify the appearance of any text you select. In order to modify the text colour, you must first select a text section:

When you click the down button next to the Text Colors icon, a dialog box appears displaying a selection button: Choosing a colour applies that colour to the text you select, making it the standard colour for the colour buttons. If you click on the Text Colour itself pushbutton, the last standard colour is adopted.

When you copy and past text from another location, you may find that it does not always look exactly as you would like it to. In particular, this is a concern when you are cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word. When you use the Insert as Text pushbutton, a specific purge procedure is performed to eliminate specific formattings and HTML tag that might otherwise alter your text.

When you paste from Microsoft Word, you can use the Insert from MS Word pushbutton to delete any sizing. If you disable this item, they will be deleted. As expected, the Clear Formats pushbutton clears all formats (bold, italics, colored, etc.) from a selected text section. If you click the icon, all formattings are removed:

In addition to the regular lettering available directly from your keypad, you can also add extra symbols. Place the pointer where you want to paste a letter and click the Paste User-Defined Symbol icon. Press the indentation key to move the text one layer inward and the indentation key to remove one layer.

You can use the graphical editor with several built-in key combinations or keystrokes.

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