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Describes how to configure WordPress to send e-mail messages using SMTP authentication. Do you miss form notifications in e-mails? Submit email The G Suite can also be added to an already registered or mapped name. To find out how to apply a customized domainname to your website, please read this one. First of all, make sure you have an email host with one of these providers: Once you have created an email Hosting account, you must enter customized DNA entries through the Domains page to be able to submit and retrieve email.

What data sets you need to type depends on which e-mail service you use. There is no particular vendor we are advocating. You should consult your email provider's technical department to ask for customized email DNA entries, and then type them in by following the "Others" links above. When you want an email for a new registration you have just created, you can select it according to your needs and your budgets.

E-mail hosted via Outlook.com is also free, but more complicated to setup or get help from, but you can have up to 100 email addresses. Emails about the G Suite cost $50 per person per year and include technical assistance. E-mail over network solutions will cost about $2/month for a standalone email client and will include full technical assistance, but is restricted to 1 GB of disk space.

I' ve done the work for my email service, why is my email not working? Note that it can take up to 72 hrs for your DNA entries to fully spread and your email to start working. Please call our customer service if it took over 72 hrs and your email is still not working.

I want to know how to get to my own email address via a web sub-domain (e.g. mail.exampleblog.net). To change the address for your Web mail account, please see the directions on this page of our suite for more information. More information about how to add CNAME entries using the DNS Editor can be found on our Custom DNS Help page.

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