Wordpress Email Template Editor

Worpress E-Mail Template Editor

Then we will customize the mailer function to use our new custom template. The WP Better email creates a template to enclose the default email content. Select your template style, add a logo or text, change colors, edit the footer, and start sending beautiful emails in WordPress.

Adding beautiful email templates to WordPress

Would you like to modify the look of e-mails sent from your WordPress page? WordPress sends all email notifications in clear text by default and they are quite boring. We' ll show you in this tutorial how to create nice WordPress email template for all your WordPress notifications. WordPress: Why use email template in WordPress?

WordPress defaults to sending various e-mail alerts. When you run a WordPress Blog with a sole writer, you probably won't need to use email masters. But if you run a multi-author site, a member site, or an e-commerce shop, you might want to consider enhancing your email outfit. The use of colored HTML template for your email provides better usability for your end users.

Even if you use your trademark and your colours, your e-mails will look more proffesional and aesthetic. Let's take a look at how to insert nice HTML email layouts into WordPress. The first thing you need to do is download and enable the email template plug-in. Once activated, just go to the " Email Template Interface " page to edit and edit your email template.

The Email Templates plug-in uses the WordPress Customizing tool to customize your own nice template with real-time previews. First, you need to click the Preferences page, where you can type the name of your website and the e-mail that you want to use in the Message outbox. The plug-in uses the e-mail addresses specified in the WordPress preferences by default. An e-mail message is sent to the e-mail addresses specified in the WordPress preferences.

However, you can modify this to use a different email to send your message. Then click the back button to go back to the template areas. On the Template page, you can choose whether to use the full-width template or the framed layouts. Then click on the head area to set up the head area of your e-mail template.

Per default, the plug-in displays the name of your website as text in the email headers. They can also modify fontsize, headers and backgrounds. In the Email Text section, you can modify the email template text color and sizing. It is hoped that a release of the plug-in will be added in the near term.

After all, you should not forget the bottom of your email. Normally the plug-in displays the name of your website with the copyrights. They can also modify text, fonts, and backgrounds. When you are finished creating your email template, you must click the Submit icon to submit your preferences.

Then click the Submit test e-mail button to get a previewer of your e-mail template. It also sends an email to the administrator in your WordPress preferences. And if you don't receive e-mail from your WordPress Web site, you should try following the steps in our WordPress Troubleshooting Guide to resolve the problem with WordPress not delivering e-mail.

The email template plug-in does not influence email sent by third-party email marketers. To do this, you must create your e-mails with the e-mail client's tool. The majority of e-mail suppliers such as Permanent Contact and AWeber have a template that you can use. Read our articles about how to attach email signups to your WordPress blog.

Hopefully this post has been helpful in helping you create nice email template for use in WordPress. Alternatively, you can read our instructions on how to email this feature to your WordPress mailbox. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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