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With this plugin users can change their administration language to English (en_US locale). WorldPress. com is a blogging platform owned by Automattic and hosted online. The WordPress.com Stats feature shows you how many visits your site receives and which posts and pages are most popular.

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With this plug-in user can switch their management languages to English (en_US locale). It is fully WooCommerce compliant and can properly detect and compile front end / back end AJAX queries. It is a small and developers free plug-in (~200 line code). Look in the Frequently Asked Questions for sample customizations and view your latest locale.

When you click on it, the administrator switches to the English locale (en_US). Thereby it is ensured that this plug-in is preloaded before all other plug-ins and that it set the right one. update-core.php is on the whitelist because translations update doesn't work correctly when you modify the locale shown on this monitor.

page=my_page$'; return returned $whitelisted_urls; }); How can I avoid that normal user have the possibility to change the Adminlanguage? Well, as the name suggests, yes, this plug-in even works on a 2 year old release after the last update. You may need to perform a release push just to keep the alert about this plug-in from being refreshed for 2 years.

Thereby it is ensured that this plug-in is preloaded before all other plug-ins and that it set the right one. Fantastic plug-in ! A number of excerpts of codes exist to convert the administrator to English.... but most of them don't work yet. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

If you change languages, you will now be sent back to the page you were on when you first started, instead of using the Dashboard.

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WordPress.com is a blogs trading system that owns Automattic and is online by Automattic [4] It runs on a customized copy of WordPress, open code application used by bloggers[5] This site provides free blogs trading for registrated visitors and is backed financial by upgrades,[6] "VIP" service and promotions....

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