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Favoricons help to establish the identity of a brand online. Find out more about favicons, how to add them to your WordPress page, and how to fix them. Favicon (short for "favorite icon") is an item associated with a Web site or Web page that you want to use when you add a page to your Favorites list.

Favicon (short for "favorite icon") is an item associated with a Web site or Web page that you want to use when you add a page to your Favorites list. It is also used as an app symbol for portable devices. Favicon is usually a graphical 16 x 16 pixel rectangle and is stored as Favicon. io in the home folder of your servers.

Site Icon function that activates Favicon in your website. We recommend using the Site Icon function instead of following the instructions below. If you use it, you do not need to create the Favicon. ico files yourself or change your templates files, but only specify a quadratic picture that is at least 512 pixel in width and height.

Use the following procedure to setup Favicon on your website. Preparing the picture data sheet. They must be quadratic, at least 512 pixel in width and high. If you click on the Choose picture section in the Location icon, load the picture that you have created in the above stage on the Files page, and click on Choose.

Favicon can be generated with any graphics/imaging application, such as GIMP, that allows you to save. ico file. You can also use our free Favicon creation service to add a favicon to your website. It should be clear and is usually shaped to fit the picture and/or contents of your website, a big job for something so small.

For the preparation of the picture to be stored as favicon. ico: You can make the picture squared by trimming or addition of room around the picture. Change the size of the picture to 16 x 16 pixel. Store the filename as favicon.ico. When using an on-line tool to build your favicon, such as Faviconer.com (creates 24-bit favicon. Eric with clear background) or Dynamic Drive, please obey the website directions and load the favicon. Eric picture onto your computer.

When an old Favicon. ico is already in the root of your topic, use FTP clients to remove it. Use an FTP client to up-load the new Favicon. ico document into the root of your topic. Make another copy of your Favicon. ico files into the root of your website (e.g. http://example.com/favicon.ico).

The favicon will be displayed in the feed readers of your subscription customers. To have your favicon displayed in some older browser, you need to modify your page head. In order to follow the steps below, you must make a copy of the headers of your primary topic. Php files in your secondary topic.

Choose the headers or headers. phi to modify the files. Look for the line of text that starts with . If there is one, override it or insert the following HTML string under the HTML tags. In order to see your new favicon, empty your browser's memory now.

It may be necessary to reboot your web browsing to see the new favicon. Prevent 404 servers failures - All recent webbrowsers ( Chrome 4, Firefox 3.5, IE8, Opera 10 and Safari 4 tested) will always require a favicon. Therefore it is best to always have a favicon. 404 not found" failure can be avoided by using the best favicon available.

One ico can contain more than one symbol without requiring more than one 16x16 and 48x48 symbol data set.

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