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Featured Image represents the content, mood or topic of a post or page. Contributions and pages can have a single image that many topics and tools can use to improve the presentation of your website. Now you can go to posts or pages, and you will see that the option for the presented image is enabled. But when you set a feature image, it does not automatically appear in your WordPress theme.

Selected pictures

Featured Image means the content, atmosphere or topic of a posting or page. Contributions and pages can have a unique image that many topics and utilities can use to improve the look and feel of your website. User-defined captions allow you to show your own picture in the page captions of your blogs.

Selected pictures allow for even greater customisation, giving you the ability to view one-of-a-kind user-defined headers for particular postings and pages, or define miniature views for particular functions of your design. Go to the posting or page where you want to view a customized page head, and find the Featured Image panel on the right.

Select Set Image Select image. When using WP Admin and you do not see the Featured Image engine on your Add New or Edit Mail page, please make sure you have Featured Image checked in your Display Options. You' ll see an upload dialog box that is the same as the one used when you insert an image into a blogsite.

To select and download the image from your computer or select it from one of the pictures already in your media library, simply click the on-screen instructions. When the image is successfully loaded, one or more pictures are shown as a thumbnail. Select the one you want to use as the feature image.

Then click on the bottom right corner of the pushbutton Set Featured Image: The picture you presented has now been uploaded! Please note: Certain designs use the presented pictures in other ways that may necessitate a specific picture to function correctly. In order to delete or modify a featured image, just reopen the Mail or Page Editors and click the Marked X symbol in the Featured Image tool.

Removing a selected image displays your user-defined head image. Hint: This function only works with topics that allow user-defined headers and where headers are activated. Your user-defined headers, for example, may look like this: However, if you want to adjust your info page, you can only edit the headers for this page:

As well as the head pictures presented, a wide range of topics also supports alternate presented pictures, such as slide shows, miniature views and pictures appended to the featured contributions. You can use this hyperlink to display all the topics that are supported by the pictures presented. Alternatively, go to the Presentation Case and click Features, choose Show All, and browse the Featured Image menu until you can choose Featured Image.

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