Wordpress File Editor Plugin

Worpress File Editor Plugin

Wildebeest: An awesome file editor plugin for WordPress Failure to be able to edit something as easy as a topic file can be very disappointing. Alternatively to FTP or SFTP I was looking for a file management tool in a WordPress plugin. I' ve tried about a zillion plugs and passed in WPide...

wow. It' easy as pie... a directory on the right and an editor on the right.

That' s how the WordPress editor should look like! This editor has line numbers and a coloured coding to make it really simple to use. A few of you might be on the side of safety and think that what I'm doing is crazy...providing a plugin that will access all the WordPress file for any Admin?

Well.... an admin can just as simply click on deleting a topic as on editing in this editor.... or the standard editor. However, the standard editor does not have a file trees through which you can click to get to the file.

To deactivate the themes and plugins editor in the WordPress administration area

When you manage a Web site with more than one administrator, you may want to disable certain WordPress Administrator dashboard functions to avoid mistakes and problems with configurations. Surely the pages of the themes and plugins editor are functions that you should consider as the only error if processing your coding can stop your site from working completely.

Turning these edit functions off is fast and simple and involves the addition of a line to your WordPress config file (wp-config.php). Sign in to your HostPapa Dashboard. From the top navigational menus, choose My cPanel. Choose the cPanel File Manager and browse to your WordPress directory. Mark the file wp-config.php and choose Edit.

Insert the following line into the config file: define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); store the file and then reload the WordPress administrative Dashboard. You should have deleted the functions of the themes and plugins editor. In order to re-establish these functions, just remove the line from your wp-config.php file. If you have any further queries or need help, please open a HostPapa Help Desk in your HostPapa Dashboard.

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