Wordpress Food Menu Plugin

Worpress Food Menu Plugin

MotoPress Restaurant Menu - Dashboard. Bring your restaurant menu online with this free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create and manage menus that look great on any device. The Food and Drink Menu is another free plugin from Theme of the Crop.


Oh, I like this plugin. Having tried some other menu plug-ins, I have to say that this is the best so far. The Pro edition has been purchased and I can choose from a wide range of layout options and an infinite mix of style and setting. It' s the first real pleasure for me to compile a menu, I like the simple and logical behind the plugin and when I run a multi-language website with WPML, I find the perfectly multi-language interface useful.

My feeling is that 5 star is not enough to show how happy I am with this plugin after fighting with other (for me) less full featured plugins.

Menu and drinks menu

This plugin, which creates a website for a small place outside Berlin, was just the thing to quickly set up your menu (food and drink). Basically, the process of preparing a menu for food or drink is quite intuitively, although the idea of menu segments would not have occurred to me at first, but it makes complete sense. What is more, it's a very simple process.

Make a series of menu points; these are your meals or drinks, such as "Pizza Margherita", or "Salad with French fries", or "Gin and Tonic" etc.. Generate menu sections and assign your menu points to them; these would be "drinks" with all your alcohol drinks, "pizzas" with all your pizzas, "salads" with your lettuces and so on.

Finally, you build the menu yourself and insert menu parts; here you can select between a one-column or two-column design. Easily move your segments using drag-and-drop until your menu is ready. Easily customize your mail types to view the full menu, and the plugin comes with itemized menu item template atoms that you can copy to your lower-level design.

There was no need to use hook, but I'm sure you can create a fully customized desktop app with this plugin.

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