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What is the best WordPress plugin for ordering restaurants on-line? The GloriaFood All-in-One plugin (table reservation + on-line ordering) is available for free and can be downloaded here: The Wordpress Menü-Plugin with free of charge ordering via internet. After all, it is absolutely free to accept orders or get desk confirmation and validate them with your order acceptance application (which is free).

It' s really simple for a new restaurateur to setup his ordering system with the GloriaFood WordPress plugin. The recently published plugin makes it really simple to create a restaurants menue and attach the order and reservation widgets to any WordPress website. This is how the GloriaFood All-in-One eating plugin works:

The first step is to insert the two Widget's (see Menu & Order and Reservation) on your website. If your customers wish to reserve a seat, the following overlays will appear as soon as they click on the seat reservation button: Orders and bookings will be forwarded to a free downloadable dining application (Android/iOS, Smart-phone or Tablet).

If a new order comes in, the telephone will ring so that the restaurateur personnel can check and approve it immediately, so you don't have to be concerned that you won't miss any orders. Likewise, bookings are validated in near future from the application. As soon as you have installed the plugin, you need to register an email at www.gloriafood.com and go through the restaurants set-up (11 minutes).

Overall, the plugin is incredibly simple to deploy, but if you have any queries, you can contact the customer service department.

Best WordPress plugins for restaurateurs

When you run a business, you need a website, right? Reflect - how often do you go on-line to look up menu, make bookings or review the opening hours of your cafeteria? If you are looking for the fastest and simplest way to get your restaurant's website up and running, you won't find an easy way than WordPress.

However, you need to include some features to get the best website for restaurants. In order to help you, I will guide you through the best WordPress server plug-ins. The majority of these plug-ins include functions such as restaurants menu, reservations and integrated deliveries. So if you are looking for a full-service topic, we have already provided the best WordPress dining thematics.

Restaurants Reservations is a free reserving plugin from themme of the crop, a WordPress developer center dedicated to the restaurants, which I will include on this page a few time. Allows you to take your seat orders and your dinner orders simply via your WordPress page. As soon as a client makes a query, you will be notified by e-mail and can quickly approve or decline the book.

It is also possible to hide certain periods so that the user cannot make a booking outside of your business hour. If you have abuse clients who don't show up again and again (hopefully not!), you can stop them from making bookings at all. Your booking can be added to any contribution, page or wideget and all notifications are 100% customisable.

With a 4. 9 star score and over 10,000 installations in use, it is one of the most beloved free of charge features. foodpress is a premier plugin that lets WordPress add both functions to your WordPress application. Aesthetically pleasing, the meal styles come in a beautiful diversity. Another neat thing is that you can subdivide your meals by chords or the like.

Even the booking forms look good. You can also effortlessly administer all your bookings from the back end. This plugin comes with many adjustment possibilities to blend your layout and colour scheme, as well as a short code constructor to make it simple to insert various menus and booking items anywhere on your WordPress page. foodpress is affordable for $34 and has 1,975 sales with a rating of 4. 35 stars.

The MotoPress Restaurants Menue Plugin is a great all-round plugin that allows you to present and advertise your restaurants or café offers on-line. With the plugin you can easily insert limitless menus, change their look, pictures, add tag, price, etc. In principle, you are able to generate any kind of menus with basic short code options.

When you want to distribute food and drink, PayPal or cash distribution method are standard available in a free plugin. You can also easily create your own custom submenus by importing and exporting them. This plugin is part of the MotoPress Page Builder plugin, which allows you to create visual additions to your MotoPress Page and change its appearance directly on the same page.

Although the name already says that it is only about pizzerias (which was its initial purpose), WPPizza is actually suitable for any kind of restaurants in its actual repetition. Use it to help you create and maintain your menus and take orders (cash on deliver only in the free version).

It is possible to define several prizes per option, which is useful for different servings. It is also possible to take and administer C. O. D. orders for different menus. When paying for premier add-ons (~$40), you can also take advantage of payment by either PayPal or Visa. All is WPML compliant, so you can build a multi-lingual dining site when you need it.

The Food and Drink Menü is another free plugin from themme of the crop. Whereas her former plugin only dealt with reservations for tables, this one concentrates on the setup of your Restaurantmenu with WordPress. This plugin generates two user-defined mail types: Using these user-defined mailboxes, you can simply build and manage your own set of items.

You can then use a template to navigate how your screens are displayed. Every menue point contains pictures and price information. You can also use the correct scheme award for Google Rich Snippets. The Open Table Widget is a free plugin that makes it simple to add Open Table transactions to your restaurant's WordPress page.

Open Table allows clients to make quick bookings. One of the most beloved WordPress Page Builders plug-ins is Visual Composer. Visual Composer has added a new "Restaurant Menu" contents area to this add-on that allows you to create your own restaurants menus. It' not a stand-alone restoration tool, but if you already use Visual Composer, it's a great tool for you.

The Quick Restaurants Menü is another free plugin that will help you build a restaurants with WordPress. The addition of two new user defined mail type options is simple. Thanks to the Drag&Drop user surface, the arrangement of the various options is child's play. Different submenus can be displayed according to the weekday or daytime.

You can, for example, show the midday meal list first when someone is visiting your website during their midday break. As soon as you've created your own custom meal, you can simply enter a short code to simply place it anywhere on your website. WooCommerce is a food supply plugin that makes WooCommerce an on-line food supply business. Consumers can search through your meals and simply put food in the shopping basket and buy for shipment.

When you want to take orders of food in your restaurants on-line, Foodify is an easy way to do this. However, if you do not plan to take orders on-line, you should use a different plugin. Restaurantmanager is a free plugin that supports both Restaurantmenus and Tablebookings.

Clients can simply make dinner reservations via the frontend and you can administer all your reservations via the WordPress Dashboard. They can also approve or decline reservations and send e-mail notifications to clients. As well as the reservation function, you can also quickly set up a menu and present it with a short code.

Simply be a little careful because the plugin has not been upgraded in the last 9 month from the date of this posting. The Accura FoodMenu WP is a premier plugin that will help you make beautiful, contemporary meals. Easily build limitless custom, created and edited menu and item types, include detail description and photo, and view your custom style with one of over 50 different style buttons.

Accura FoodMenu WP is a good choice if you just want a beautiful meal. Please keep in mind that it does not contain any reservation functions. No matter if you want to build meals, take on-line reservations or order food on-line, these plug-ins will certainly help you to build a great dining website with WordPress.

Like always, if I was missing a useful WordPress plugin, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me in the notes so I can put it on the page.

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