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Support of the WordPress comunity since 2010. It is the purpose of the foundation to guarantee the free long-term accessibility to the supported by us supported computer work. Humans and companies can come and go, so it's important to make sure the sources for these deployments stay beyond the actual contribution basis so we can build a robust web publish environment for future generation.

Within this scope, the Foundation is committed to the protection of WordPress, WordCamp and related brands. It is hoped that we will receive wide fellowship endorsement to ensure that we can maintain the common good through open source programs. The Free software foundation, the originator of the GNU GPL licence that we use and encourage.

The Mozilla Foundation, which makes the Internet and e-mail more easily available and is based on open industry practices. A public code that requires government regulations to make publically funded free and open source programs available under a free and open source licensing agreement.

brand guidelines

We want to make it easier for anyone to use the WordPress or WordCamp name or emblem for fellowship-oriented activities that help promote and enhance WordPress. We want to clarify how WordPress related companies and ventures can (and can) use the name and logos of WordPress or WordCamp. We want to make it difficult for anyone to use the name and logos of WordPress or WordCamp to unjustly benefit, deceive, or mislead those seeking WordPress or WordCamp formalities.

WordPress allows you to use its name and emblem for your WordPress design that meets the following criteria: Your project's main goal is to encourage the dissemination and enhancement of WordPress technology. Description: Your scheme is not of a commercially oriented character (it can earn cash to recover its cost or help charities, but it cannot be run as a for-profit scheme or company).

Neither does your product advertise, nor is it associated with, companies that currently do not adhere to the GPL licence under which WordPress is marketed. When your artwork fulfills these requirements, you may use the WordPress name and the WordPress emblem to advertise your artwork at will, with one exception:

Do not use WordPress or WordCamp as part of a domainname. Project samples in this section are official WordCamps or WordPress community translations and dissemination in their own country. The use of the WordCamp name and logotype is permitted in the following situations:

They use the emblem on the WordCamp Central website for a WordCamp that has been released by WordCamp Central. Use a WordCamp provided image to advertise the meeting or the fact that you are participating, i. e. working, doing volunteer work or sponsorship of the meeting. It is also okay to use the WordPress or WordCamp logos as part of a page describing your goods or service, but it is not okay to use them as part of your corporate or promotional logos or trademark.

It is not allowed under any circumstance to use WordPress or WordCamp as part of a domainname or top-level-domainname. It is not the purpose of this guideline to restrict WordPress related business activities. Our support is for WordPress-based companies, and hundred of them are flourishing while adhering to this guideline (Automattic, CrowdFavorite and StudioPress are just a few examples).

WP is not included in the WordPress marks and you are free to use it as you wish. If you have any doubts about the use of the name or logos of WordPress or WordCamp, please consult the Foundation for further information.

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