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sspan class="mw-headline" id="Manual_Installation_of_Language_Files">Manual Installation of Language_Files> Name conventions for . mo images are modeled after the ISO 639 locale (e.g. pt for Portuguese) followed by the ISO 3166 locale (e.g.

_PT for Portugal or _BR for Brazil). This would be the name of the Brasilian Portugese pt_BR. mo and an unspecific Portuges pt.mo would be the name.

You can find full listings of available numbers under (country codes) and (language codes). From your site host, make a new location in your /wp contents OR /wp include directories named /languages. In this case, please copy the . mo document to the Languages subfolder you just made. In a text editing program, open your wp-config. php in a text editing program and look for: definition ('WPLANG','''); modify this line according to the one you just download. mo-Datei, e.g. for the Brazilian speaking Portugese, you need to add: definition ('WPLANG','pt_BR'); notice that if the mo and . mo pdf documents do not exists for a required speech source required in wp-config. php, there will be no error message, but the code will still exist in language_attributes().

It is useful for those of us whose languages are similar enough to en_US not to need translations, but who don't want en-US as a linguistic day in the blogs, but another variation of English. Example: defining ('WPLANG','en_GB'); after you have added your voice command, saving the data.

Now it should be shown in the reinstalled locale. Select the defaults for the whole LAN in the section LAN Administration->Settings ("Default Language"). To customise the translation shown on your monitor or to include translation for words that are still shown in English after installing, you must load the .po that corresponds to the installer' s . mo langauge files.

Maybe you also need to compile some other data as well - see data for more information.

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