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Hoster your WordPress website for free. Easy, fast and absolutely free WordPress web hosting with many great features without advertising! WordPress is free of charge? How much does it cost? Who' s the catch?

The most frequently asked questions from our customers are: "Do I have to buy WordPress? WordPress is a free and open source program that usually follows: "Why is WordPress Free? ln this article we will be discussing why WordPress is free, the cost of operating a WordPress site, and what is the hook?

The WordPress is an open program. It' s free in the spirit of liberty and not in the spirit of free beers. The Open source offers you the liberty to use, change, develop and distribute the open code as you like. Later in this paper we will be discussing the costs of using the open code WordPress application.

WordPress is not sold as software, why? Often we are asked why WordPress does not offer it to individuals and businesses? When WordPress is as good as everyone says, they would obviously make a great deal more cash just trying to make it. It would be useful to make this assertion if an enterprise or person owns WordPress.

WorldPress is an open code collaborative effort in which ten thousand gifted individuals have helped make it the great piece of code it is today. When you join the WordPress Fellowship, you can become a central participant in WordPress. Behind the Open Software motion is the belief that open code is not like other real life solutions.

As soon as a piece of code has been written, it can be easily duplicated several a time. However, the costs of producing and copying a piece of computer hardware are not the same. Several groups believe that with each copy they sell, the profits of the piece of code become more unjust.

For more information about open code softwares, please read the GNU philosophies. Two of the most lucrative parts of any open code product are a product or service built on the same open code product. WordPress is often confused with WordPress.com. WorldPress ( often termed self-hosted WordPress or WordPress.org) is a free blogging plattform.

Co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg founded a firm named Automattic, which offers a "limited" free web site hosted at WordPress.com, and you can pay/update to enable functions such as customizing your site's content and making it available to others. To take full advantage of WordPress.org on the WP.com site, however, you must be spending over $3,250 per months on your web site host.

Others have also pushed to create profitable multi-million Dollar corporations around WordPress by providing professional plug-ins, professional topics and even WordPress web sites. A few instances of successfull multi-million dollars WordPress business are: WebEngine, a WordPress administered hosted service provider that has collected over $40 million. Anwesome Motive - headed by Syed Balkhi is another multi-million dollars enterprise headquartered on WordPress.

iThemes - one of the oldest and most respected WordPress companies behind famous plug-ins like BackupBuddy. The ElegantThemes - a multi-million dollar themed business behind the beloved page drag-and-drop creator: The Gravity Forms - the most famous WordPress Word Format plug-in.

WordPress good programmers and advisors also achieve a convenient full-time salary by creating customized WordPress web sites, apps and plug-ins for their customers. WordPress Copyrights Free? WordPress is not protected by copyrights. While it is licenced so that anyone can use it, every piece of contributed material is protected by copyrights.

It' s under the GPL, so you can freely use, change and distribute the source file. If you make changes to the Program, you do not own the copyrights to all of the Program Content. So, while you have the copyrights to do anything you want, your derived work will inherit the GPL licence so that others can use, change, and distribute your source at will.

Meaning that all of our WordPress plug-ins and theme files are GPL-approved? Corresponding to an offical blogs posting on WordPress.org topics are also GPL. Pictures, JavaScript and JavaScript used in theme and plugin content can be omitted, but all PHP and HTML parts of theme and plugin content use WordPress largely, so they are a derived work and therefore GPL-certified.

Whilst some may disagree, most reliable WordPress companies adhere to the rules of the WordPress communities. Contents released with WordPress also inherit the GPL? Except where the contents you publish are actually a derived work of WordPress or another GPL-licensed work. However, if you write a Blog entry that shows users how to use a WordPress feature with samples, this particular entry could be differently licenced.

WordPress source text as softwares is published under the GPL, but the words WordPress, WordCamp and the WordPress logo are protected by the WordPress Stiftung. In order to differentiate between a website or resources that are officially or community-operated, the Trust asks people not to use "WordPress" in theiromainname.

The majority of legal companies based on WordPress are brand conscious and respectful. The WordPress program is free for you to install and use. To use WordPress on the Web, however, you need WordPress web hosting. They can use WordPress.com to build a free blogs, but note that there are some discrepancies - WordPress vs. WordPress.com[infographic].

WordPress is relatively inexpensive to use and can be used to run any other kind of website. So the only actual expenses are webhosting and domains. Extra charges would be commercially WordPress topics. More than 4000 free WordPress topics are available for you to use. Humans often use commercially available plug-ins, but they are not obliged to use them.

More than 45,000 free WordPress plug-ins are available. So, why do they buy designs or plug-ins that are already priced? Open topics are used everywhere. In order to get a more sophisticated look and feeling for the site, often customers buy a commercially "premium" topic. Free-of-charge topic or plug-in suppliers are not obliged to provide technical assistance or update, as this is usually their passions work.

Hopefully this paper will answer some of your question about WordPress licencing, the cost of operating a WordPress site, and doing Business with WordPress. Do not hesitate to post your comment, question or comment below. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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