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This is our step-by-step guide to starting your blog (the right way). Click here to get your free WordPress Blog Setup! Launching a free blog (Guide 2018) I will give you detailed directions in this article on how to launch a FREE WordPress blog on WordPress.com..

. but before you begin, please do this: I'm sure you'll find it useful: WordPress.com is a free blogsite where you can publish your blog entries to the world. A lot of folks are inclined to launch their blogs from there, but most of them quickly move to private domain names and begin with the self-hosted one.

Now, WordPress.com has far too many limitations and it is not advisable to continue to blog on a subdomain. Briefly, you are essentially Blogging for another website. Then it would be WordPress.com and your blog URL/link will also be part of the WordPressomain. Below are some samples of blog posts posted on WordPress.com:

If you' re still baffled about the differences between self-hosted blog and free WordPress blog, you're welcome to learn more: WordPress.org (self hosted) vs. WordPress.com (subdomain). You have five easy ways to launch a WordPress blog. The only thing you need to do is go to WordPress.com and click Launch and it will help you set up your blog.

Your first choice is to select a homepage for your free WordPress blog. I' d suggest "A recent posting list" as this is the most popular blog style. One topic is what your blog looks like. Don't worries - you can modify the topic later, along with the colours and images!

Unfortunately, it is quite hard to find a singular and somewhat intuitive blog adress on WordPress.com since most of them are already taken. Shall I buy aomainname? When you are considering purchasing your own Domain, WordPress.com is not the best place to do it. Here I have a tutorial on how to buy a name.

Don't be afraid - you don't have to buy a WordPress Domain to use their blogsoftware. Which blog name should I choose? Several of the most infamous blogs have their name in the blog and you will not be bound to write about a subject. When you have performed the basic above mentioned operations (including your blog name), you must click on the "Select for free" icon.

Your e-mail adress:: Of course, this is the most frequently used mailing adress. When your desired user name is not free, please insert some numbers until it is clear. Don't be afraid, it won't be your blog name. There' s a lot of nasty hairpickers trying to get into a blog lately. However, before you can begin to blog, you need to check your mailing adress.

WordPress is a very simple and user-friendly tool. But before you begin to blog, you might want to make a few changes to the subject - the look of your blog. While some of them are salaried, others are free. Don't go mad and buy a prime topic immediately because the price is quite high.

Begin with a free thread and see how it works. Registering a blog on WordPress.com, I found a fairly good topic named "Truly Minimal". Also, it goes fairly well with the entire blog alcove. Click "active" to enable the topic. There are more than 200 different topics to select from, so don't hesitate to use other topics.

You must use your dashboard settings to generate new postings and pages. Use " New " for the item "Post" and " Page " for the pages " New " -> "Add new ". Briefly, "pages" are usually your contacts or about me site, while postings are your blogs items. Let's make the first blog entry and see how it goes.

To do this, you have to click on "Post" and then on "Add new". Here is an example of my first blog entry (you have to click on "Publish" to publish it). Or in other words, if you put some tag in it, it will be much simpler to find your blog from the many WordPress blog entries in webmasters.

Don't be too nervous, because new blog posts don't get much initial attention. Hopefully you now know how to launch a WordPress blog yourself. And if you choose to have your blog on your own private domainname, you are welcome to go over here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question by using the following form.

And how to build a blog on WordPress with Hostgator? So if you want to go the self-hosted way (which is my favorite), please read How to launch a WordPress. org Blog from Scratch with Hostgator. Is it possible to make a WordPress blog off-line? Do I need to launch a WordPress blog?

What does it take to launch a WordPress blog? The WordPress.com base pack is free, but the $99/year price for the Premier pack. Concerning WordPress.org, you can get it for free, but you need a domains and a host which is a few bucks a months. Where can I launch a WordPress blog for free?

And how do you make a WordPress blog for free and earn cash? There' s no such thing as a free luncheon. It' difficult to earn cash with a free WordPress blog for the above mentioned reason. When you want to make cash with your blog, I suggest you go the self-hosting way and find out how you can make it.

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