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Search for Google Drive documents and embed them directly into your posts/pages. When your domain's website is hosted by WordPress.com, you can verify your domain and set up your G Suite email at the same time. Directly compare the G-Suite with WordPress.org for prices, user satisfaction, and features, using data from actual users.

Add the G-Suite to your website

Once the domainname is available, click to the right of the domainname on New. Press the black e-mail adding icon to attach the G Suite. Type the full e-mail that you want to use as your primary G Suite e-mail contact in the E-mail E-mail addresses box. Type your first and last name in the First Name and Last Name boxes.

Press the Continue pushbutton. Enter the credentials for the selected domainname and click below to decide whether you want to sign it up with or without data security. To complete the sale, click on the Buy icon. When you have more than one website, browse to the website with your domains for which you want to include the G Suite.

Type the e-mail that you want to use for the master e-mail accounts. Click "+Implement another e-mail address" to insert an extra e-mail message. Once all e-mail addresses have been inserted, click Next. Once you have purchased G Suite and it is enabled on your G Suite user interface, you will be sent such an email:

If you click the "mail.google.com" button, type your full e-mail in the Google login field and click Sign in. Go to my bankroll. Type a new one and click Change my Passphrase. The majority of your G-Suite administration features are available through Admin Panel. In order to use the Admin Panel, login to admin.google.com with your G Suite e-mail as well as your G Suite pass.

Admin Console is a console console that allows you to access the Admin Console from within your account: Here you can manage and set up G Suite for your G Suite service and functionality. Allows you to create a new member for your G-Suite account: When you have more than one location, choose the location with the G-Suite you want to work on.

Choose your domainname. Please click on the E-Mail address hyperlink. Press the Add G Suite Users icon. Once you are done, click the Payment icon to validate your order. You will then promptly recieve an e-mail with the log-in details of the new member. Share this information with the new users so they can log in and start using G Suite.

When you try to purchase a G Suite customer and receive this message: Check to see if you - or any other users on your website or in connection with your domains - have previously acquired a G-Suite Account. In the past, if you had a G-Suite license or registered for a free evaluation, please feel free to directly call Google Support:

When you are sure that you have never had a G-Suite user name for this particular property, it is possible that it was the former holder of your name. If this is the case, please send us the registration here and describe your problem:

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