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ssung class="mw-headline" id="Overview">Overview Please note: Before you start a gallery, you should be familiar with the How to insert and upload items using the How to insert items function and the Advanced Downloader to be able to add pictures to your Libraries. How to gradually create a picture gallery using the upload mediaer: Galleries can appear anywhere on a page or contribution - alone on a page, or above, below, or amid text.

Begin by positioning the pointer where you want the gallery to appear - if it is between the text boxes, as in the following sample photograph, you should add a back and place the pointer on a new line so that there is room at the top and bottom. After you have placed the mouse pointer where you want your picture gallery to appear, click on the Add media icon (on the top of the edit box ) to open the Add mediaplayer port.

On the pop-up that appears, choose'Create gallery' from the action menu on the right. If you want to upload pictures to your picture gallery, you can choose or choose the pictures you want to upload by selecting one of the following items in the middle of the window of the Multimedia Uploader:

From your computer, load the pictures you want to use by drag and dropping them into the up-load area. More than one picture can be added, and they are merged into a picture gallery by default. Multimedia library: Choose from the previously added pictures in the Libraries by selecting the pictures you want to include in the Gallery.

Please note: You can easily build a picture gallery with any mix of new pictures and previously-loaded pictures by just moving between the Files and Media Library tab. When uploading and/or selecting pictures, your choice on the Insert Media monitor is validated by checking the box in the top edge of each picture of thumbnails.

In addition, a series of miniature views are displayed at the bottom of the screen to help you keep an overview of all your chosen pictures. If you are satisfied with your choice, click the Create a new gallery icon. The Edit Gallery page lets you do the following things before you insert the gallery you create into your page or post:

Reorder your images: Use drag and drop to drag previews to reorder the order of your gallery's pictures. Conversely, the order of pictures in your gallery. Adds picture descriptions: Customize your pictures with a description (optional) that appears as a caption under each picture in the gallery. Removing images: Move the mouse over a miniature and click the "X" to delete one of the previously chosen pictures.

Adds more images: By clicking on the "Add to Gallery" button in the side bar on the far right, click or choose the pictures you want to upload to your picture gallery, either from the "Upload Files" or "Media Library" tab. Abort gallery: To leave the Edit Gallery page and delete your gallery, click the Abort Gallery button from the action on the menu on the left.

You can also use multiple gallery settings in a window on the right before you insert your gallery to manage the following items: Determines whether the gallery miniatures (on the publish page/post) point to the appendix page or directly to the original picture as such. Specify the number of column you want to have in your gallery.

Three columns is the standard setting, which is perfect for most locations. Allows your gallery to randomly view your picture thumbnails every visit to the site. Resizes the individual pictures in the gallery. The available choices are Miniature, Media, Large and Full. Inside the Viewer, the picture gallery is shown as a set of miniatures.

If you click any area of the Picture Gallery, icons appear at the top of the area. Click the Modify pushbutton to modify the pictures or gallery preferences at any point. If you want to delete the picture gallery at any point, click the delete pushbutton.

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