Wordpress Gallery Plugin

The Wordpress Gallery Plugin

The Responsive Image and Video Gallery plugin is a very important tool for any website. Most users have galleries on their website. A very popular and high quality WordPress gallery plugin. The WordPress Gallery plugin, NextGEN Gallery, is the most popular for good reason. The NextGEN Gallery can fulfill all your image and photo needs.

Reactive picture gallery, gallery album

The Responsive Image and Videogallery plugin is a very important plugin for any website. Most of the visitors have their own gallery on their website. The plugin allows you to view your gallery with fantastic view and motion effect, so you have to try our plugin. Customize your own designs and styles.

You are sure to like our plugin. Have a look at our plugin-demosites:: This plugin has many free and premium functions, so let's present some of these functions. Configure controls panel theme, location, icons theme. That was the preference listing of our plugin, but you'll have to try our demonstration or build your own galleries to take a look.

Hopefully you like our plugin. We' ve tried our best to create a user-friendly and easy-to-use plugin, but if you have any queries, please visit the manual page or get in touch with us. Feel free to visit our demonstration pages on various machines and you will see what we are about.

Virtually any item theme settings can be adjusted so that our plugin theme fits your web site theme. Quadratic appearance is very easy and beautiful. All images in the squared display have the same width and heigth. Check out this opinion, which we think you will like. The wall is the most beloved one.

There will be nice looking photos and we are sure that you will like this one. One of the most beloved sights is the Mozaic one. Screens in this mode have the same width, but the elevation can be different. The thumbnails are adjusted to the image size and have the same width and heigth.

It is also a practical point of view. No. Galleries, albums and images are displayed in columns in this mode. It is not so common opinion, but some user prefers this opinion. In case you have found a problem with our plugin or have a query, please feel free to email us at support@wpdevart.com, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

This page provides in-depth information on how to build galleries and add them to your web pages. We will also give more information about pop-up and themes in the following. First, go to the Crop Setting Page in the Administration Panels and configure the Crop parameter for images.

Use this page to set pop-up (lightbox) preferences. You have many choices to customize the pop-up theme and other preferences. The pop-up has a fully adjustable theme so you can customize it as needed. You can also see the pop-up option lists and some description.

The Topics page lets you post or modify topics. When you need to make new designs, click the "Add New" icon on the right side of the subject text. The following is a listing of the topic's available choices. Specify the clipping parameter for all images.

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