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The Hasty is the easiest and fastest Wordpress generator for WordPress code snippets. It is the new home for all WordPress code generators hosted on themergency.com! Create your own WordPress settings page according to WP standards.

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Use add_shortcode () to generate user-defined shortcuts. Use register_post_type () to build user-defined post types. Build user-defined WordPress meta-boxes with the add_meta_box() command. Use the register_taxonomy () command to build user-defined taxonomies. Build user-defined taxonomy meta fields, generally known as term meta fields. Generate user-defined navigation menus with the register_nav_menus() command. Use register_sidebar () to build user-defined side bars.

Build WordPress widgets using the WP_Widget widget category. Build user-defined topic functions with the add_theme_support() command. Admin Bar with the category WP_Admin_Bar. Build user-defined dashboard widgets using the wp_add_dashboard_dashboard_widget() command. Build WordPress customized queries using the WP_Query method. Build user-defined user queries using the WP_User_Query class. Build user-defined comment questions using the command line command line command line command WP_Comment_Query.

Build user-defined term queries using the construct object type command line command line class WP_Term_Query. Build user-defined site queries using the classes provided by your company's network query utility program WP_Network_Query. Build user-defined site queries using the Web_Site_Query category. Using the WP_Tax_Query construct user-defined tax queries state. Build user-defined meta queries using the meta query type entity type ' WP_Meta_Query'. Build user-defined date queries using the Web_Date_Query category. Use register_post_status () to set a user-defined mail status. Generate user-defined Quicktags for the WordPress text editors.

Make user-defined configurations in the wp-config.php byte. Generate a user-defined readme.txt for your WordPress plug-in. Build user-defined cron jobs using the wp_schedule_event() call. Registry user-defined WordPress scripts using the wp_register_script() command. Registry user-defined WordPress styles using the wp_register_style() method. Registry oEmbed provider with the command wp_oembed_add_provider(). Build standard user-defined topic headers using the register_default_headers() command.

For the WordPress Uprofile, generate customized contact methods. Build customized preference pages using the add_options_page feature. Store your own WordPress clippings and collaborate with the rest of the family.

WordPress Contribution Types Generation

Name' 'Post-Types', 'Post-Typ Allgemeiner Name', 'text_domain' ), 'singular_name' 'Post-Typ', 'Post-Typ Einzelname', 'text_domain' ), 'menu_name' 'Post-Types', 'text_domain' ), Name_admin_bar' 'Post Type', 'text_domain' ), 'archives' 'Item Archive', 'text_domain' ), 'attributes' 'Item Attributes', 'text_domain' ), 'parent_item_colon' 'parent_item_colon' 'Parent Item: Text domain'),'all_elements','all_elements','text domain' ),'new_entry','new_entry','text domain' ),'add_new','Add_new','Add New',

text_domain' ), 'new_item' 'New Item', 'text_domain' ), 'edit_item' 'Edit Item', 'text_domain' ), 'update_item' 'Update Item', 'text_domain' ), 'view_item' 'View Item', 'text_domain' ), look_items''View_items''View Items','text_domain' ),'search_items''Search Item''Search Item','text_domain' ),'not_found''Not found','text_domain' ),'not_found_in_trash''Not found in Trash','text_domain'),

text_domain'),'set_featured_image','set_featured_image','set_featured_image','text_domain'),'remove_featured_image''Remove Featured_image','text_domain'),'use_featured_image''Use_featured'','Use as featured image','text_domain'','insert_into_item''Insertion dans le fichier' , text_domain' ),'uploaded_to_this_item''uploaded_to_domain','text_domain' ),'items_list''Items list','text_domain' ),'items_list_navigation''Item_list navigation','text_domain'),'filter_items_list''Filter items list','text_domain') ;

Labelling''Post Type','text_domain' ),'description''Post Type Description','text_domain' ),'labels','supports','taxonomies''category','post_tag'),'hierarchisch','public'' ,

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