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When I need help or encounter problems with Genesis, I have a number of options. What, why and how? - Restored 316 At Restored 316, all of our topics are based on the Genesis Framework. Often we are asked many Genesis related issues by those who are just beginning, who do not fully comprehend what it is and why they need it. Let's find out what the Genesis framework is and why we use it!

About the Genesis Foundation? The Genesis is a frame (the "parent") in which all our topics are constructed. Children's topics are our topics. StudioPress, the originator of the Genesis Frameworks, gives a great example of how to compare the Genesis Frameworks with a vehicle and how the frameworks itself is the motor and what powers the vehicle, and the children's topic (the topic you get from us) is the color on your one.

Here's where you get your post from. Next we have a home that stands on the countryside that we rent, and this home is called WordPress. And now that we have our home, we have to make it and we have to dress it up. The Genesis Framework in our fictional home acts as your insect repellent that keeps beetles away from home, your home protection firm, and your home maintenance agency that keeps everything in order for your church.

After all, we want a beautiful house in our house, and that is the children's topic that makes everything beautiful. Using this new house style in our house, we can customise colours, adding ornamental items such as lettering and pictures, we can even record and reorder the wall (with widgets) just like Joanna likes!

What are we using the Genesis Framework for? You have put a great deal of work into your website and you want to make sure that your reader and customer can actually find you in the internet searching machines. Cleaner coding and an intelligent layout are all things that are important to get your best results in your web site and the Genesis Framework has that!

Genesis Framework has also been fully optimised by Greg Boser, a spearhead of SEO and an authority on the sector, so they have already done the work to ensure that your website is ranked highly. WordPress, like any piece of softwares, can be susceptible to hacking. StudioPress staff hired Mark Jaquith, a WordPress developer and one of the key experts in WordPress to ensure that the Genesis Framework provided the best possible level of protection!

Using the Genesis Framework, upgrading your website is actually a snap and shouldn't be something you stress. They will be updated automaticly and when new fixes are available, you will see a hint in your WordPress dashboard, click and run the icon and you are on your way!

One more nice thing about Genesis upgrades is if you upgrade the frameworks, it still keeps your kid looking for your favorite topic designs beautifully! In other designs, you usually loose all your changes after pressing the refresh key, which of course makes the refresh frightening. Do not use the Genesis Frameworks! With Genesis, you'll have out-of-the-box functionality to customise your website and make setup easy!

These are some of the functions we like about the Genesis Framework: The Genesis Framework already includes tagged page and tagged contribution widgets so you can insert that information into key areas and get your clients where you want them to be. The Genesis Topic Options:

The Genesis Foundation provides these choices, and when you click Store, the choices appear instantly on your website. Genesis community is like no other, and they are always ready to jump in and help and assist each other. For this reason, there is a lot of help to find a tutorial or engage a programmer to get a little more individuality.

Today I can tell you I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for the fellowship that embraces Genesis because there are so many who have been able to help me solve problems when I just can't find out for myself! What do I do with the Genesis Framework?

You' ll perform these walkthroughs here to install everything and upload your Genesis Framework and your child's topic. A lot of many folks like you go this way every passing day of your life and the keys are to go it just one by one. It' s not long ago that I was just where you are, and since then I have learnt everything I need to know about designing, coding, and everything else related to creating websites.

I' m here to help you take that little babe stride one by one.

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