Wordpress get a free Blog here

You can get a free blog for Wordpress here

When you want to start a blog, be sure to check the box next to 'Give me a blog! So, how do you get a free, self-hosted WordPress.org blog?!

Build a free blog in Wordpress

Go to the Wordpress home page and click the Log In icon to enroll for a Wordpress login. You need a legitimate e-mail adress ( which was not used to set up another Wordpress account) to log in to a new Wordpress accounts. In order to log in for a Wordpress user interface, you will be asked to provide a user name and choose a user pass.

You will also be asked to certify that you have reviewed the Wordpress Website General Business Agreement. Eventually you'll be asked if you want to blog or just want to set up a Wordpress user interface. When you want to launch a blog, make sure the checkbox next to 'Gimme a Blog!

In order to build your Wordpress blog, you must specify the text to be shown in youromainname. The free Wordpress blog always ends with'.wordpress.com', so the name you select for a user who enters in their web browser to find your blog will always be followed by this expansion.

It is also up to you to determine the name of your blog and type that name in the appropriate field. Whereas the chosen domainname cannot be modified later, the blogname selected at that time can be modified later. At this point, you also have the option to set the blog interface for your blog and whether your blog should be published privately or publicly.

Choosing the right audience will add your blog to your list of searches on websites like Google and Technorati. Stage 4: Happy birthday - your bank details are on! As soon as you have successfully finished the "Create Your Blog" stage, you will see a message box telling you that your Wordpress user ID is activated and an e-mail asking you to confirm your log-in details.

If you sign in to your new Wordpress blog, you will be redirected to your custom Dashboard. Here you can modify the topic (design) of your blog, post articles and pages, post members, edit your own member profiles, refresh your blog roll and much more. Spend some your Wordpress desktop exploring, and don't be shy to try out the various utilities and functions available to you to personalize your blog.

That will take you to Wordpress Help Center and the Live Users Groups where you can ask your question. Wordpress' dashboard bar helps you browse through your blog's management pages to do everything from posting and comment moderation to changing your blog's topics and customising your sidelines.

Spend some quality of your Wordpress experience by pressing all the tabbed pages on your dashboard's taskbar and exploring the pages you'll find to find out all the fun things you can do in Wordpress! Part of the best characteristics of beginning a free Wordpress blog is making it your own with various free templates and topics available right through your Wordpress dashboard.

Simply click the Presentation tabs on your dashboard's taskbar. Next, click'Designs' to see the different styles you can pick from. There are several different topics you can try out to see which one is best for your blog. Various topics provide different adaptation stages. A few skins, for example, allow you to add a customized headers for your blog, and each design has different widgets for you to pick from in your sidebar.

The Wordpress application offers a wide range of ways to customise the side bars of your blog using a widget. You' ll find the Widget panel under the Presentation panel in the Wordpress Desktop taskbar. Discover the Wordpress dashboards and find the ones that best improve your blog.

As soon as you've familiarised yourself with the Wordpress interface and adapted the look and feel of your blog, it's your turn to start posting!

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