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Get the date on which the post was written. In contrast to the_date(), this function always returns the date. ( false|string) Date on which the current post was written. If you also want to control the format in which get_the_date() is returned in the admin, you can use get_option('date_format'). They can use get_the_date().


Get the date on which the post was made. In contrast to the_date(), this always returns the date. PHP date formats by default using the date/time attribute if not specified. Standard value:''' (int|WP_Post) (Optional) Transaction ID or WP_Post objekt. Standard actual contribution. Date on which the actual post was made.

Wrong in case of outage. |post = get_post( $post) ; returnvalid ; $the_date = mysql2date( get_option('date_format')), $post->post_date ) ; $the_date = mysql2date( $d, $post->post_date) ; returnv alid apply_filters führt( "get_the_dedate', $the_date, $d, $d, $dd $post) ; 3.0.0 Eingeführt.

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Shows or indicates the date of a post or series of postings if they were posted on the same date. ATTENTION: . to insert the date specified in the administrator area. Shows the date with standard settings. Shows the date in the ' 2007-07-23' style (for example, 2004-11-30) within a flag. Delivers the date in standard form within a tags and allocates it to the $my_date variables.

Influences the value returned by the is_new_day() command. the_date() is found in wp-includes/general-template.php.

Where can I get a date for each post?

the_date(); "icon-date" >

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