Wordpress get Terms

Worldpress get Terms

Gets terms that are linked to a taxonomy. wp-includes/class-wp-term-query.php: Returns terms based on query_vars. By default, you hide "empty" terms - terms that are not assigned to any post.


Get_terms' is invoked when the queue has the item and returns the item found along with the arrays of $taxonomies and $args. It also calls this filtering before passing the terms arrays and passes the terms arrays along with the $taxonomies and $args.

Filters'list_terms_exclusions' returns the calculated exclusion along with the $args. If you use the function'get_terms_orderby' you get the ORDER BY condition for the request together with the $args arrays. Before 4.5.0 the first get_terms () function in get_terms () was a taxionomy or a set of taxonomies: false, ) ); since 4.5.0 it was intended to pass taxionomies using the arguments 'taxonomy' in the $args array:

Post_tag', False, ) ) ); (string|array) (Optional) Passphrase or argument character strings. argument arrays when the argument style of the inheritance is used. When available, this argument is misinterpreted as $args, and the first functional argument is analyzed as a taxionomy or arrangement of taxes.

Returns WP_Error if one of the $taxonomies does not exists. |term_query = neue WP_Term_Query();'suppress_filter' => falsch, ) ; $_args = wp_parse_args( $args) ; $key_intersect = array_intersect_key( $term_query->query_var_faults, (tableau) $_args ) ; $do_legacy_args = $deprecated |||| empty ( $key_intersect) ; taxonomies in $args = (tableau) $args ; $args = wp_parse_args('taxonomy', $defaults) ; $args['taxonomy'] = $taxonomies ; $args = wp_parse_args('$args, $defaults ) ; $args['taxonomy'] = (tableau) $args['taxonomy['taxonomy'] ; new return WP_Error invalid_taxonomy, __('Invalid taxonomy'). See

2 ) ; $suppress_filter = $args['suppress_filter']]] ; unset( $args['suppress_filter']] ; $terms = $term_query->query( $args ) ; returnv ers $terms ; returnversent $terms , $terms ,  $terms ürnerms örnerd_filters überdünvarams[ögel, $term_query->query_vars, ün_query_s, $term ün_query] 4 8.0Introduced suppress_filter param. 4.5.0The feature signatures have been modified so that the $args arrays can be specified as the first parameters. 4.4.0The possibility was added to transfer'term_id' as an id of ' id' for the orderingby argument.

Converts to retrieve a WP_Term object listing.

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