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Translation of DIVI into French; WordPress Divi Theme Prize; WordPress Divi Theme: For and Against; BONUS DIVI Free! We have compiled some of the best Free Sports & Fitness WordPress themes available on the market.

Discover our list of the best free and high quality WordPress themes, sorted by category.

WordPress Hosting - Create a WordPress page with a free domain.

Find all the most frequently asked about our WordPress hosting to have all the keys in hand before you start. What is WordPress Hosting? Are you planning to create a website with the very popular CMS (Content Management System) WordPress or have you already created one? Whether your website does not yet exist or is locally, we offer you an ideal and perfect way to put your WordPress page online on the web!

WorldPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. With almost 15 years of existence, WordPress has created nearly 75 million websites since its release. Yet WordPress owes its success only to its ease of management and flexibility in creating a website. The strength of WordPress lies in the fact that it is an open software that allows all web developers to acquire the software and do what they want with it.

WordPress also offers themes and plug-ins that are also suitable for beginners. Since a website is worth nothing without a webhosting on the web, we offer an ultra optimized hosting for the well-known CMS. Our WordPress hosting is based on the latest technology, which is exclusively based in France on the servers of Ligne Web Services.

If you want to benefit from the power and simplicity of WordPress, WordPress Hosting is there for you. WorldPress is fully integrated into your web hosting, you only need to install it with one click, thanks to the automatic installer included in your web hosting. You can then easily manage your hosting from the LWS management interface.

Your WordPress hosting is delivered to you on a 100% SSD and secure server. Create your WordPress blogs or website easily, reliably and securely. Why choose WordPress Hosting? WordPress Hosting guarantees you a completely dedicated and optimized WordPress site creationolution. Since WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world, Herbergement WordPress wanted to offer a dedicated CMS optimized level of services to guarantee you an always efficient level of support that perfectly meets your needs.

WordPress Hosting offers not only hosting, but an all-inclusive hosting experience with integrated Wordpress themes and plug-ins, Elegant Themes Preferred themes and plug-ins and one-click installation of your Wordpress. You will also benefit from the essential management of your web hosting with a domain name offered in the first year of transfer or creation, 10 professional email addresses, 75? Google Adwords vouchers and Bing to launch your campaign.

After all, a team of qualified technicians is at your disposal 7 days a week. We offer tutorials with which you can easily create a WordPress page! This one-time offer doesn't suit you? We' ve set up a multi-site WordPress offering specifically for you that allows you to host multiple locations with a single WordPress dashboard!

WorldPress has thousands of themes and plug-ins that allow you to create the Wordpress page that suits you. Whether for a blogsite, an online shop, a shop window... WordPress is always the right choice. Beginner or professional, WordPress will allow you to successfully create an effective website.

What's this? What's this? Vous souhaitez testers nos servies? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee! How do I use my WordPress hosting? Your WordPress hosting is very easy to use. Once your order has been placed on the website, all you need to do is install WordPress with one click using the AutoInstaller.

If you already have a WordPress page, you can easily install it with your FTP software. You can easily create a database or import your own by using the phone admin accounts provided with your order. Once the CMS is installed, create your website with the simplicity and power of WordPress.

You will find some themes and plug-ins pre-installed to help you get started with WordPress. If I already have a WordPress page, can I transfer it? Yes, with WordPress Hosting there is nothing easier. You can easily transfer your website to WordPress Hosting Service to take advantage of the included hosting service.

Simply request the AUTH codes from your former service provider to unlock the domain name for transfer without interrupting your website. You can also test our service 30 days before your start, where our service will be fulfilled or refunded.

Will my WordPress page be displayed in search engines? In fact, your website has no interest if it is not seen on the web. With a WordPress page you can work on your website as much as possible to take advantage of all the opportunities on your page to appear on the first page of Google.

There are many plug-ins in WordPress to enhance your existing content, including the most popular plugin, which allows you to customize and optimize your titles, meta-descriptions and content. If you have a larger purse, you can also create a Google AdWords campaign. With Google AdWords, you can appear first on the first Google page.

With each click you pay a small fee. WordPress Hosting offers you 75? Google Adwords vouchers, which are available directly in your customer area after your order. Stay on top of the list with your WordPress page! I already have a domain name, can I link it to a WordPress hosting?

It is possible to associate a domain name that you already have with your WordPress hosting. Just place an order and click on "I already have a domain name". You will also need to check whether you want to transfer your domain name to WordPress Hosting or whether you only want hosting, in which case you will need to activate "I will update my name servers".

How can you take advantage of Elegant ThemesĀ®? If you want to take advantage of this offer, it is only available with the WP Start offer with LWS Panel. You will be able to enjoy premium themes for an elegant and professional website! WordPress Hosting offers you a very complete package with the well-known premium themes of Elegant Themes.

Premium themes like Divi, Extras are included for free in your WordPress hosting offer. We offer 86 premium themes in your web hosting package. Quel's plugin rewards are not included? You also get the Elegant Themes plugin rewards. You therefore have premium plug-ins in your hosting that allow you to manage your website easily and professionally.

You have the Divi Builders plug-in to create your WordPress page easily without knowledge, the Bloom plug-in to manage your newsletter or the Monarch plug-in to manage your social networks. What is the difference between cPanel and LWS Panel? ! cPanel and LWS Panel are two control panels for your web hosting.

WordPress Hosting has decided to offer you two control panels so that you can choose the one that best suits you. On the one hand you have the number 1 control board in the world cPanel, very popular thanks to its simplicity and very complete. On the other hand, with the LWS developed LWS control panels we offer you a very easy and indispensable control field.

All you have to do is select your control box when ordering: bPanel is delivered with the bPanel or WP starts with the LWS control box. Can I use WordPress with multiple locations? Yes, you can, but you need to use the WordPress hosting formula.

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