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Ultimate WordPress Guide for Novices The guide is intended only for new Blogger who want to create their own Blogs on the WordPress-Plattform. I have also included some expert hints for WordPress Blogger that you should implement immediately to make your WordPress Blog more professionally. The WordPress Guide shows you the following things:

This is how you buy web hostings and a domainname for your WordPress blogs. Important things to remember when setting up WordPress after installation. Stuff you need to do right after the first WordPress installation (step-by-step instructions with pictures). The WordPress plug-ins you need to have installed and how to configure them.

You' re invited to rummage through our WordPress catalogue, where you can find more items in addition to what I have here.

First thing you need to do to build a WordPress Blog is to buy web-hosting and a domain name. Your name is the name of your blogs. Bluehost offers a free website with only $5.95 per month for free web site accommodation and free web browser bandwith (using the rebate links below).

It takes 5 min and here is a guide to help you get there. Next thing you need to do is get the WordPress Blog on youromainname. As soon as you have your WordPress blogs up and running, you will have to make some changes, such as creating permission links, refreshing the table of pings, creating forum preferences, etc.

Don't be afraid, it's not technically and you can do it quickly with the help of the guide below: Now your blogs are online. However, before you start playing with more material, let's have a quick look at some video that will help you better comprehend WordPress. The WordPress for beginners: Please use these instructions as a reference:

All right, let's start with the installation of the main WordPress plugins: Now' s the turn to spruce up your blogs with some important things. Beginners tips for blogging like a WordPress Pro: On of the main errors that many newcomers make after having created a WordPress blog is that they don't take the trouble to set up some of the things that can make a big deal of difference.

It' now up to you to install some WordPress plug-ins that are very important: Welcome to the next step! Those walkthroughs will make the greatest difference to your WordPress blog. In this section you will make sure that you begin to increase the amount of visitors to your blogs & your posted posts will be seen by more of them.

When you have learned everything so far and implemented it continually, take a rest! Return with a refreshing spirit as you learn the things that will set you apart from other blogs. WorldPress Pro Tips: Wordprocessor Security: Let us know if you want to include certain WordPress themes in this WordPress Guide.

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