Wordpress Header Image

Worldpress Header Image

User-defined header screen Using this feature is totally free, and you don't have to buy an update to modify your header - as long as you use one of the topics that of course contains the feature. Search there for the Header Image section. If you do not see this section, it means that your actual design does not allow the use of a user-defined image header.

Here you can select between your own pictures - if you have recently added one - and a choice of proposed pictures for your topic, if there are any. Would you like to insert a new image instead? Simply click New and you can select pictures from your blog's multimedia libraries or simply send an image from your computer using simple Drag & Drops.

As soon as you have selected an image, you can trim it to your specifications or jump over this stage if the image is the same dimension as your design. Immediately the image should appear. In case this is not the case, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Please be sure to include a full explanation of the header image you uploaded and/or attached so that we can take a close look.

You can also bypass trimming if your design includes Custom Header functionality - the header image is added without trimming, so you can use an image that is larger or smaller than the trimming image specified by the design. While not all topics have yet supported custom header flexibility, we are working to expand our scope of topics over the years.

You can use the header filters in the Showcase to see which themes offer custom headering. Converts all trimmed pictures to JPEG. The use of an image in exactly the right format gives the best results, and this is certainly advisable. In order to achieve transparence in an image, use a.gif or.png image in exactly the right-sized.

Should you choose to erase one of your user-defined headers, you can do so by selecting "Permanently erase" below the image in the Media ? Library. Many designs show the name of your blogs and the option line either above or next to your cover image. Many designs allow you to customize the colour of this text using the Colours & Backgrounds utility.

It is also possible to customize the cover and slogan of your blogs using the customizer in the Site Identity section. Review any topics that include user-defined header information, or go to the Topic Showcase and click Find a Topic at ? Feature, and then select the custom header option.

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