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Best-of-breed easy to use & Feature-Rich WordPress Support Helpdesk plugin that helps you manage your customer queries efficiently. screen shots NEW: You can now read help files from another WP Help installation, which are refreshed when changes are made to the original files (including add and delete!). Can anyone see the help files?

Can anyone modify help files? This means standard editor and administrator. Can I rearrange the document?

Is there a way to get from one help page to another? If it is started from a help file, it only searches for other help files. Where can I modify the standard help file? Modify the help file you want to use by setting the Help standard. Select the Define as standard help file box and click OK.

Now this is the standard one. I can' t process some of my work? You cannot modify files that come from another WP Help installation that is currently linked (your changes would only be overridden anyway). You must close the synchronization connection persistently or modify the WP Help installation at your location to modify these works.

Does synchronization allow me to erase my current document? If you activate synchronization, all incoming files from another synchronization provider are deleted. However, no local document is deleted. May I have more than one synchronization resource? However, what you can do is have a WP Help installation that aggregate another WP Help installation and then use itself as the repository for the mixture of the two page document (s) to be sent to a third page.

Synchronized docs cannot be sorted internal - just move the entire "chunk" of the synchronized docs.... Moreover, if a locale help is the only one in its layer, it will not get a pull handler since there is nothing to rearrange. Thought I' d try to create my own plugin, but then I found this one.

Synchronization is particularly useful in a multi-site concept. "The WP Help" is open program origin. This plugin has been created by the following persons. Upgraded to Mark's 2016 plugin framework for ease of use. Features: Dragging & dropping reorganization of the document lists. Features: On release, locale /wp-admin/ link will be written via the interface so that they are wp-admin-relative and work on the target page.

Enhancement: More consistency in checking the lid so plug-ins can rigorously adjust who can do what. Troubleshooting: The sorting order is now synchronized. Features: Synchronization of help files from another WP help installation.

Features: Simplified accessibility to create, edit and manage your documentation. Features: Dashboard wideget. Enhancement: Improved user interface for the selection of the standard paper.

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