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You will find a "discussion" box similar to the one in the post text editor where you can disable comments. Activate and deactivate comments for future contributions Allows you to enable/disable comments on upcoming postings by going to your forum preferences. When you have more than one website, go to My Websites, choose the website for which you want to enable/disable comments, and then go to Preferences. Then click the Diskussion page. Comments on pages are deactivated by default, but you can activate them when you publish a new page or edit an old one.

Would you like to modify the comments preferences on previously posted pages or articles?

Describes how to delete the WordPress comment field from the pages.

If you have any comments or queries about WordPress, we will be pleased to answer them. {\pos (192,210)}What she's asking is how to clear the comments/discussion field. I' m not sure if she wants to delete it site-wide from pages and postings or just from her own statical pages. This article will discuss all the necessary actions you need to take to disable WordPress comments:

Resolution #1: This resolution will apply to new posts/pages that you will post from now on. In case you have already posted contributions/pages, you must perform the following bolk to prohibit comments from contributions/pages already posted. Continue mass processing for all contributions. Resolution #2: Start with mass editing as described above to disable comments for all pages that have been posted so far.

You can click Fast Track if you only have a few pages and disable comments in Fast Track mode. It can also be very useful to make discussions on pages viewable so that you can disable comments on each page before you post them.

At the top right of your WordPress Administration pane (just below the gray bar and the Howdy, message) is a tabs named Screen Options. Browse down to the discussion options and uncheck the box for "Allow comments" and "Allow tracking and pingback on this page".

Unfortunately, the trouble with this is that you have to keep in mind to disable comments on all new pages you post. Resolution #3: The best resolution is to delete a line of coding from the page style that invokes the comments. Be sure to always make a children's topic before editing topic file.

When you use the Twenty Twelve topic, you would open the page.php and find the same line of coding. Workaround #4: Note: If there are already comments on pages - perform one of the above procedures to delete all previous comments before using this procedure. Launch your subfile topic functions.php and append this source text to delete comments for pages. add_action('init','remove_comment_support', 100); remove_post_type_support('page','comments'); We sincerely hope you found these WordPress for Beginners hints useful.

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