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Some of your pages may want to be hidden so they don't appear in the top navigation pane of your design or in the Page widget in the sidebar. Occasionally, you may want to hide a page from the WordPress administration page area so that it is not seen or edited by your customers or other users of your site. More to hide a page than to mark it without an index.

Fade out pages

Some of your pages may want to be hidden so they don't appear in the top navigational area of your design or in the Page widget in the side bar. If you have set up a fixed title page, the most frequent cause for a page to be hidden from the Navigate screen is to hide it. A lot of topics are programmed to show a "home" hyperlink even if no other pages there are.

If you had made a page with the title "Home", you would now have two hyperlinks to "Home" in the navigational area. Either link would also lead to the same place. This can be solved by creating a user-defined submenu. See this document for more information on how to configure user-defined menus.

To use the Pages widget and hide some of the pages so that they are not displayed in the side bar lists, use the Exclude checkbox. For more information, see the Pages Widgets manual.

Thank you....didn't use this feature or had to use it before, but from now on....it's too simple!

Thank you...didn't use this feature or had to use it before, but from now on...it's too simple! So I followed all the instructions and loaded the exclusive plug-in without any problems. So I went to my pages, chose the page I wanted to have hid, ticked the checkbox not to add the page to the menus, but it didn't work.

I still found my page in the website menus. @Cross, "exclude pages" is a third-party plug-in. I' d advise you to use the built-in menus feature (option 1) that now ships with WordPress.

Hiding Page or Post Titles in WordPress

Without a doubt, the page header is one of the most important factor that will play an important roll in on-page SOEO and could even help you achieve a better rank in results pages of searching engines. Why then should one want to hide the page name in WordPress with a clear head? Now, perhaps because WordPress is no longer a blogsite.

Just think if you had a big page header at the top of every page of a corporate website, or even worst, what about a header on a home page or a target page? Eliminating WordPress page and postal captions can be useful in such situations, and there are a few ways to do this.

Below is the simplest way to hide a page heading. For quite some now WordPress allows you to publish articles and pages without titles. In the past, what was necessary to use a plug-in or user-defined style guide has now been incorporated into WordPress Kernel. To delete the caption of a previously posted page or article, simply modify it and delete the caption.

WorldPress is known for having hundreds of different plug-ins that allow you to create new CMS functions and adding new functionality. Of course, there is a plug-in that will hide the header of a page or article. It' Hide Titles and below you will find installation and usage instructions.

The Hide Titles plug-in can help you hide the page and titles of your contributions. In order to use this plug-in in WordPress, please complete these four easy steps: First, you have to download and installed the plug-in in your WordPress and click on Activate. Next, go directly to the article or page where you need to hide the caption.

This can be done by selecting the Pages or Posts menus. Go to the page/post and activate the Hide Titles sub-field. Next, either republish the article or click the Refresh tool. When the above techniques don't look like your own coffee mug, there's another way you can hide a page / posting name.

You can hide the headlines of all pages or contributions with the help of the CSS. In order to hide the track, perform these five steps: In your web navigator, open the page, right-click on the page /post heading, and select Inspect. Returns HTML and shows which HTML classes are associated with the page header.

Next, go to your WordPress dashboard and click Look -> Editor. Do not see page/post titels anymore. To hide the caption in a WordPress page or article is not a difficult job and this tutorial presented several ways to do it. Sometimes there are occasions when you need to hide the page header in WordPress, and then the simple adaptability of WordPress comes to your aid.

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