Wordpress History

History of Wordpress

A deep insight into the history of WordPress, the most popular CMS system. Let us immerse ourselves in the history of WordPress. /2004 - Version 1.2 (Mingus) introduces plug-in. /2004 - Version 1.

2 (Mingus) introduces plug-in. -2005 - Topic system and fixed pages launched with version 1.5 (Strayhorn), followed by persuistent caching, a new roles system and a new back-end interface in version 2. 2007 - A new interface, auto save, orthography and other new functions launched in version 2.

Broadcasts, better Atom feeder handling and performance improvements have been published in 2.2 (Getz). Logging, updates alerts, nice web addresses and a new taxionomy system were added in 2. 2008 - 2 versions. Brecker 5 was published with a new Happy Cog administrative interface redesign and introduces the widgetsystem for dashboards and the short code API. 5 is a new release of Happy Cog.

2nd Edition Five and implemented post-revisions and pressed dies. The Crazyhorse 5 project was completed during the course of the year, resulting in the Crazyhorse prototypes and the later availability of the 2 series. 2nd Edition Seven also implemented automated upgrade, built-in plug-in install, gooey postings, comments threads / paging/replies, and a new application programming interface (API), mass administration, and online doc.

Year 2009 - 2nd Edition Baker 8 introduces an integrated themes plumber and an enhanced widget interface and API. 2nd Edition Comment 9 (Carmen) introduces picture processing, a trash/undo function, update of batch plugins and oEmbed supported. 2010- 3rd Edition Thelonious was a main edition, it implemented user-defined mail type, simplified user-defined taxonomy, added user-defined menus, added new APIs for user-defined header and user-defined background, implemented a new standard design named "Twenty Ten", and permitted the administration of several websites (called MultiSite).

The 2011 release - 3rd release #1 (Gershwin) launched mail formats and the administration toolbar. 15, and launched a new standard topic named "Twenty Eleven." Release 3. 2012 - Release 3. Four (Green) introduces themes Customizing and Preserving. 3rd edition Elvin 5 presented the new press relations officer and the new standard topic "Twenty Twelve".

  • 2013 - 3rd Edition A new standard topic named "Twenty Thirteen", integrated voice and video capabilities, dynamically and scalably revisions, enhanced autosave and post-logging. 3rd edition Basie 7 implemented automated updating for service and safety upgrades, increased strength of passwords measurement, enhanced searching results, and better overall localization assistance.

3rd edition Parker 8 implemented a new administrator look and a new standard look named "Twenty Fourteen". baltar: 2014 - release 3. Smith 9 enhanced the digital viewing environment and added widgets and headers for preview. 4th release Benny (0) added a grids pane for the libraries and plug-ins, as well as previewing images of inserted contents.

4th release Dinah 1 implemented an updated, distraction-free write modus, a voice install via the settings dialog, and a nice new standard topic, Twenty Fifteen. 2015- 4. release Powell 2 has added emailji assistance, added advanced drawing assistance, and changed the coding of the data base from utf8 to utf8mb4. 4th release #3 (Billie) added built-in location symbol display capabilities and added style links to the visible area.

4th release Clifford 4 added fast-reacting pictures, embedded contributions and a new standard motif "Twenty Sixteen. "2016 - release 4.

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