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To create a custom template for the title page. Usage of the title page template - Vasco WP themes documentary After describing what a template is and how it can be used, we begin with the setup. On your WordPress Dashboard website, click Create a new page and name it "Home" or similar to make it easy to memorize. Define the front page template by going to the Page Attributes section (screenshot).

In order to end this, we put the page created above on the title page. WordPress shows the latest articles there by default and you can modify this to display your new "Home" page by following the defaults: Start the Site Customizer and click the Registered Front Page button on the far right. From the Title Page drop-down list, click Set page and click your new page.

Press the Store & Publish pushbutton to store your page statsettings. It' our turn to append some Widget to the page: As you view the page that you have selected as the front page template, click Customize in the upper-left toolbar. Go to the section Widget in the context box that appears on the right.

Browse to any area where you want to insert the widgets. Click the button labeled Adds Wide while you edit an area. Using the menus on the right, browse to any broadget you want to use. For more information about our customized Widget, click here.

Creating a custom title page with a WordPress style sheet

WordPress.org and ThemeForest have got hundred of great user-defined topics that you can use to build a nice website, but sometimes you need to adjust the title page. This course teaches you how to go from a simple home page with the WordPress 2016 topic to a customized page with a slide show, stats, a Widget pane, and customized looping with Rachel McCollin.

When you' re done, you can make your own customized title page with WordPress template templates! Would you like to study WordPress from beginning to end? Get to know WordPress programming.

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