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By default, WordPress displays the home page and how to change it with a custom home page. Step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) explaining how to set up a static page as a home page for your WordPress website. Setting a statical "home page" (title page) Instead, if you want to make a more traditional website, you can specify a fixed "home page". View the below movie for a fast look at how it works, and see it below for more samples and options. Start the Site Customizer and click on the Homepage Options register card on the far right.

From the Homepage drop-down list, click A_statically_page, and then click your new page. Your new page will be shown in the previews as the title page of your website. Press the Publish pushbutton to store your home page preferences. If you have two "home" hyperlinks in your side menus, you will find that the pages on your site are not appearing in the order you want them.

Well, the good thing is that you can make a customized web site menus in any order by following the instructions in our User's Manual for User-Defined Menus. When you want a blogs, you have the ability to add a page that displays your most recent postings elsewhere on your site.

Just like when you set a fixed "home page" above, you must build a new page named "Blog" and go back to the Site Customizing and select that page from the drop-down list of posts.

Set a static page as your homepage

Teach you in this unit how to make a page home page on your website. Make a statically created title page named "Home" and a page with a news item fed named "Blog" that can be accessed via the navigational menus. Ever wanted to build a title or homepage that doesn't display blogs?

When you visited other sites, did you notice that there is a page named "Blog" that displays a list of the latest blogs? For various reason, humans want a page as a homepage. This type of home page can show a landed page, a portofolio, a market place or many other options.

To have a statical page is a function that will be useful for those who want to keep their blogs in a seperate place within their website. A page has already been provided for this use when using the topic testing information, known as the "title page". "If you use a different design, you can make a new page named "Home" for this use.

Second, you need to decide which page is referred to as your "blog" page. If you use the topic testing information, a page named "Blog" already exists. When you don't use the unit's test information and use a different topic, you can make a page named Blogs that you can use as your Blogs land page.

The contents of the title page are displayed like this: In order to set your website to show a particular page on the title or home page, choose "A page that is static" under Settings -> Read. Choose which page should be the title page and which page the blogs should be. Tip: You do not need any contents within the "Blog" page.

It can be a completely empty page with the title "Blog". Navigate to the page "Blog" you create to see a thumbnail of your blogs page. How do you switch from a simple posting previewer to a statically loaded home page?

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