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Worldpress Homepage Builder

Comprehensive tutorial for creating a custom home page in WordPress. The Page Builder Framework is the perfect complement to your WordPress Page Builder plugin. Create websites directly in your browser, focus on visual quality, not programming.

Use the SiteOrigins Page Builder plug-in to build a customized home page.

Most of our topics contain a "business" style sheet that you can use to build a traditional target page that gives your visitor an overall view of your company. It' a good place to start, but sometimes you want more versatility to make truly one-of-a-kind designs. Type SiteOrigins Page Builder. SiteOrigin's Page Builder is a great plug-in that lets you build advanced page layout and integrate your contents with a widget.

It' nice to watch the movie on the plug-in list page to get an impression of the functions of this plug-in. We will use this plug-in (along with some of our own) and canvas (though you can use any theme) in this paper to build a customized home page that displays functions, test stories, product, project, and a current posting.

We will use the functions of the following plugins: The Page Builder is all that is needed, but we will use the others to create various items for the page. The first section of this page will feature a "Heroes" presentation and the 4 latest additions.

First, you have to build the page yourself and adjust it to use the full width page layouts. Press the Append Line pushbutton and select 2 colums to make a line with 2 equally wide columns: Then click the Add Widget link, browse for Text, and click to open the Text widget dialogue window.

Press Done to complete the addition of the Widget. Next, insert another text widget and use the shortcode: As a result, a second Widget is added to the first of the two colums we create in our line. Just move the second widget to the second pillar to order the product. You may want to toy with the number of items and/or the width of the colums shown at this point to get the right outfit.

In order to be able to align everything well, I optimized the first colum to 55% width, the second 45% by drag the colum delimiter in the Page Builder. Having now some of our product on our homepage, let us show you a client presentation so that everyone knows how good our client is!

Let us insert another line, this one with only one col. Then click again on Apply Widgets and look for "Testimonials". If you prefer, click on the Testimonials widget and set it to show a unique identifier and select a particular mail ID. Press Done to complete the addition of the widget. This is also added to line 1 in 1 Column, so just move it to the new line we just added and store the page.

Your product's endorsement now appears under your product's name and looks something like this: Below the testament we will show some nice things. Make another line with 1 columns, click and drag and drop another line with 1 columns, click and drop another line with 1 columns, click and drop the button "Add Widget" and look for "Features". We will show a set of 4 functions by specifying the Widget-Options like this:

As a result, there are a number of 4 feature under the test icon and it looks something like this: (Please notice that in this demo I use the icon for feature plug-in to show icon for the features). At the end let us show you some of our current contributions and work. Adds another line, this one with 2 column.

Then click Append Widgets and append another text widgets. We use this text-widget to show our project by inserting the short code [projects limit="2? columns="2?]. Then click Done and move the Widget to the appropriate columns. Again click and hold down Generate Widgets and look for "Post Loop". Page Builder includes this wideget, which, as its name implies, allows you to view a ribbon of recent postings.

For the moment we will only show the last contribution with the queue. php template filename. By dragging and dropping the widgets accordingly, you should see the latest project and a blogs posting like this under your functions: Hopefully this demo will give you an impression of what is possible if you just use the Page Builder plug-in, some shortcuts and broadgets.

Add a little customized style, optimize the look, introduce a slide control, add more column, etc. to your page to make a truly original page design with a wide range of contents right from the desktop.

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