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Grab a hosting that will help you look professional. Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting you can afford? An important decision for your WordPress page: Which hosting partner should you choose? Take a look at our list of tested WordPress hosts!

10 top comparisons & reviews

The choice of the right hosting for your WordPress website is very important. Website wholesomeness depends on the hosting service you use. How do you know what the best WordPress hosting is? Whatever your choice of hosting is, consider the 3 most important elements of a WordPress hosting:

Client service - they should help you with WordPress issues. Through HostingFacts.com we have found the 10 most beloved "WordPress" hosting provider and used them for several testing (speed, availability, client service and pricing). Let's first hop to the best hosting provider and go down the listing to see which one you should not.

No problem, here are 10 best webhosts for WordPress: Blue host is one of the most beloved hosting service alongside small shop owner and blogger. Therefore I recommend Bluehost for those who want to build their website with WordPress. They host more than 2 million sites and are also part of EIG, which also owns HostGator.

Mean operating life of the last 12 months is >99. 99% and charging life equals 419 ms. More than 10 million domain names are hosted on their website, making them one of the most sought-after web hosting companies in the world (alongside GoDaddy). Your last 10-month mean charging period is 462 ms and your operating period is 99.96%.

That means they are the most dependable web hosting with only 1 hours outage per year. They were also the third quickest web hosting hit only by P2 hosting (which reduces mean uptime). This example uses the "Start Up Plan" (cheapest) to control the operating hours and the mean loading times.

SiteGround held an operating life of 99.98% on a daily basis, followed by a loading period of 722 ms. Also, we tried their client liaison by joining their online session and asking several question to rate their liaison group. SiteGround also offers free transfer services for legacy sites that WordPress formally recommends.

Protected by PROS: Good availability, fast performance, best WordPress stability, free page transfers, official WordPress recommendation, free SSL. Established in 2001, IntoMotion Hosting is a private hosting company with a client list of over 300,000 domain names. You also own a hosting site called the Web Hosting Hub. Advertising as "best web hosting for businesses" they charge prices starting at $5. 99, but I found a rebate at a low one.

However, first we want to see how InMotion-Hosting works: Over the last three month, Indotion has provided an operating life of 99.97% on avarage. Remember that the hosting sector achieves an approximate 890 ms mean performance, and the load times of hosting I are slightly lower - 752 ms mean performance. It may not be as quick as HostGator or P2 hosting, but it's still good enough to outperform the hosting averages.

The downside of InMotion hosting is that there is no immediate bankroll. This means that if you are an overseas client, for example outside North America, there may be delays and difficulties in verifying your new bankroll. In the WordPress hosting market slot (founded in 2001) hosting is quite new, but only recently becomes more and more widespread.

Somehow they were able to get a quicker download than SiteGround or HostGator. This is essentially the immediate uploading of pages, which makes eager individuals happier because they don't have to sit around waiting for the pages to upload. SRA2 Hosting provides web hosting that caches information in a visitor's web browsing experience so that they don't have to ask for information every times someone tries to visit your site.

Unfortunately, their operating time has dropped to an avarage of 99.90% in recent month (currently 2 hour down time over a 3 month period). Round-the-clock service provides round-the-clock client service via face-to-face chats, e-mail, telephone and ticketeting. iPage was founded in 1998 and has expanded to more than a million sites since then. iPage is a company that was founded in 1998.

I' ve given iPhone hosting a shot, because they also call themselves WordPress hosting. Fortunately HostingFacts.com gave me 3 months of operation times and performance information. Over this period they have succeeded in reaching 99.98% of the operating life. Mean charging times are 868 ms. It' not too good, but it's way below the competitive bar. However, it' cheaper than the other iPages.

They are one of the least expensive hosting choices I've seen (behind another hosting option) at $1. 99 per months. And as you can see, you get what you are paying for with power and pace. iPage is probably not the best hosting choice for WordPress. Even though the client service and pricing are friendly, you don't want to fight with their sluggish pace and mean operating time.

PROS: Not very knowledgeable client service, poor reputations on-line. Availability on your website is 99.9%. GreenGeeks provided 99.92% of the operating life when they were put to the test. Luckily, GreenGeeks showed the same excellent results in terms of speeds as in terms of operating times. They had an avarage load duration of 567 ms - 36% more than the branch averages.

A 24/7/365 US-based GreenGeeks service is available via face-to-face chats, telephone or e-mail. Though GreenGeeks has an outstanding operating time, their velocity is low. Of the better checked hosting choices (like #1 and #2 above) that go for about the same cost, I suggest you consider some. Site5, established in 1999 by Matt Lightner (and later resold to EIG), offers the best web hosting for serious webmasters.

Site5 provided a below-average site loading rate of 743 ms after a 3-month test phase: Your operating hours are not something that' s spectacular. Indeed, similar to iPhone, the mean operating life over 8 month is 99.97%. If you have any queries, they offer good online instant messaging, e-mail, and telephone assistance, along with a 90-day money-back warranty if you still want to try them.

And the second schedule, "hostPro+Turbo" is $11.95 per months, offering 24/7 real-time instant messaging and free migration and a free IPication. So the next WordPress hosting site I checked out was DreamHost, which has another massive networking of over 1. Claiming to be "award-winning Web & WordPress hosting", they are (in August) under threat of being under DDOS attacks and making available information on anti-trump websites with significant judicial supervision.

During the same time frame, your page load time averaged 849 ms. Ever since they received DDOS attacks, their operating time has obviously been very short - 99.90%. Add to your bank statement every lesson that there was a problem with the operating time. So when I contact service to ask a few queries, I got a pretty fast answer.

Your cheapest schedule is still almost twice as many other hosting websites at $7. 95 per month. What is more, you can get up to $7.95 per year. Matters are not getting off to a good start with their 99.60% availability. Have a closer look at the mean speeds on the Test-WordPress page (hostingfacts-arv. com): Meanwhile, the sector averages around 890 ms for velocity. That' not even very quick, to be frank, since some of the quickest hosting provider loads within ~400ms (or almost twice as fast).

A one-second lag in page download could already be enough to charge Amazon 1.6 billion euros. After all, that was also the service we provided to our customers. Again, take a look at the first few titles in this Review for businesses that go beyond the bandwidth in terms of availability, page loads, client service and pricing.

This is a detailled, no-BS-eview of the top ten WordPress hosting service companies (with the help of HostingFacts.com). Briefly, I suggest using a web hosting service that offers a reasonable operating life of 99.95% and more while keeping its loading times under 600ms. My extensive WordPress hosting reviews concluded that there is nothing you can do incorrectly with HostGator Cloud, SiteGround or Bluehost.

All of them provide high availability, quick load time, excellent service and unbeatable low pricing. More than welcome to give us your opinion and ratings on various (WordPress) hosting service provider in the comment area below.

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