Wordpress Hosting Template

Worpress Hosting Template

The Hosted is a premium WordPress theme designed for hosting websites. The Satria Hosting WordPress theme is a clean and simple template for hosting websites to present hosting plans and available hosting services. The design is based on a very popular HTML template with the same name.

Best 24 Hosting WordPress Topics with WHMCS Integration 2018

This is the most complete listing of the best WordPress topics created for web hosting and hosting companies and domains Registrars. Hosting has become one of the most rapidly expanding niche markets on the market thanks to clamp service, and now is the best moment to get into this deal! Over the next 10 years, clamp service will grow by up to 30% per year.

I will not get too much into the buisness side this year, but more into the styling side. So here is the best web hosting topics I could find as of today. Each of these flagship topics is characterized by excellent workmanship and pixel-precise styling. Compatible with WHMCS and its template.

MaxHost's special sales characteristic as a WHMCS system resides in its stand-alone character. Contains industry-standard plug-ins such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider for optimized page layouts and pagedesign. There are also a number of additional functions, ranging from automatic WHOIS search to automatic capacity for newsletters via MailChimp and Aweber integrations!

MaxHost makes setting up your own web hosting services providers or cloud-based hosting providers a stroll through the parks. It is a premium WordPress topic developed for hosting websites. Comes with WHMCS integrations to deliver all the functionality you need for your customers and attendees. No matter whether it's hosting package display or users registering, Hosted has it for you.

The simple drag-and-drop user experience of Visual Composer lets you change the look and feel of your website. You' ll have practically limitless colour layouts, multi-template layouts and the revolutionary slide control without having to tap a line of coding. The design is interoperable with a variety of web browser, machine and device types. revolutionizing the way you set up a website for your web hosting business.

It' a versatile WordPress topic with all the needs and burdens more to suit all of your company's sections. Watch how your hosting company succeeds with revolution after the fastest website entry ever. The revolutionary bundle includes a tons of pre-configured demonstrations with an unique web hosting solution.

Valence is a technically proficient, advanced and highly reactive website hosting firm WordPress themed. It is a specially designed hosted solutions for hosting organizations, cloud-based businesses and related businesses. The Visual Composer makes it easy and quick to customize the layouts. User-defined AJAX Contacts customize to your needs with high-performance features. MMCS combines customer relationship managment, accounting and customer service for highest efficient.

With WooCommerce you can sell your goods, your service and your package without sweating. Thanks to the fast response, cross-browser and cross-device interoperability, you can address a wide public. Showcase your achievements in the best possible way and make an impact. Have Valence bring your hosting business into the big leagues! and more! Combine the power of functions and ease of fitting with the HostWHMCS.

Registry functions, domainsearch and price charts make it ideal for business technology or domains and hosting websites. Adjust slider, background, and color with a built-in layouts creator, template, and widget. HostsWHMCS also offers the MailChimp Ajax interface and the contact form 7. It' s blogs page layouts look can be adjusted with integrated pages and template.

In fact, it has an example of a children subject. So, if you're looking for a topic designed for technology enterprises, this is an awesome option for you to choose from. The HostWind is ideal for construction for hosting company. The Lightweight Options Framework keeps your website neat and tidy without sacrificing features. This topic contains everything you need to launch a website in no time at all.

Thanks to Visual Composer 5, it has fully adaptable items. WHMCS seamlessly integrates registration, accounting and technical assistance. Just one click to get this themes installed, your WHMCS URL added and you're good to go! The VirtuSky solution provides an amazing range of capabilities for tech and web hosting companies. Completely reactive and retina-ready, this SEO-enabled themes is a great choice for the most demanding users.

You can easily customize your design with a simple drag-and-drop tool. The WHMCS template is very simple to use. This topic is delivered with MailChimp, contact form 7, recommendation page and a finished FAQ page for customer interactions and assistance. VirtuSky is definitely a good choice when it comes to construction projects for shops, technologies and web hosting.

When you offer unparalleled web hosting service, but have the feeling that your site needs a new design, choose Kallyas. The highest hosting WordPress topic is all you ever need in terms of creating the most progressive website. Kallyas is also a fully reactive, web-enabled, cross-browser topic designed for a contemporary consumer.

WithinHost offers high performance features for a number of website types, among them five different homepage designs and a gorgeous one-page design feature. The design includes the Visual Composer Page builder plug-in to easily align pages with your specified trademarking. Extended topic choices in the Admin panel extend your possibilities to tailor your website.

With InHost, you can react quickly and retina-capable, regardless of your layouts. InHost' s racison d' etre, the WHMCS Bridge system, integrates the stunning capabilities of the WHMCS clients with the WordPress website architecture. Makes InHost a complete WHMCS hosting or website hosting system! Provide a broad set of functions for any hosting site with Zipprich WordPress theming.

WHMCS and WHMCS-Bridge gives you full access to the website functions. Check hosting plans against pushers and spreadsheets. Customise your pages with the Visual Page Builder. Enhanced design choices allow you to change your layouts in Real Life. Easily adapt able to the abilities and abilities of your projects using a wide range of demonstration sites and targeted page masters.

There are also convenient shortcuts and powerful adjustment options, all of which are negotiable via fully visible interface that require no programming whatsoever. The design works perfectly under all live load and applications. So you can sell your goods and your service directly from your website in no time at all! Circle Flip's strength makes it a good fit for operating demanding, state-of-the-art hosting sites of all sizes and sizes.

A wide range of business functions make sales processing a fast and easy business. The Alaska is a premium WordPress topic that always expresses good style and good flavour. With the WHMCS Bridge plug-in, this well-thought-out WordPress topic profits from the cross-platform interoperability between WHMCS and WordPress, thus enabling greater flexibility. ALASKA is fully customizable and can extend a wide range of sites, especially website hosting.

Agency, corporate and organizational pages can also profit from one of the best premium WordPress topics. It also pursues a tireless extension of its functionality to make sure that Alaska retains its name as the best hosting website destination. In addition, a livestream is available on the theme's website, enabling clients to test the contents and get a glimpse of the available choices.

Built on the cutting-edge Bootstrap 3.3 frontend platform, it contains an amazing Visual Composer Drag and Drop Layout Page Builder. Featuring a groundbreaking Visual Composer plug-in, this is the favorite page creation tool in the WordPress comunity. Comes with 40 shortcuts built on the Visual Composer Platform. Händel is a versatile, high-quality WordPress-Topic.

Featuring a highly reactive and highly interactive interface that does not require programming knowledge. Also trade one of the best choices out there which really includes a codeless builders. And it offers immediate changes and optionality. In addition, you will find a variety of ready-made page layouts and movable slide controls. Trade is very suitable for all hosting companies.

There are also stunning galeries to help you arrange your event photos. You can display your offers for your website in several different ways. Unlimited scroll and associated sevices are offered as well as handmade symbols. Surprisingly imaginative, unbelievably versatile, completely advanced, WordPress reactive multi-purpose, Avada is unique in its ability to manage the creation and building of a variety of Web sites that are incredible in breadth and breadth, and particularly high performing when used on Web sites that specialize in the provision of hosting based hosting and hosting related activities, clustering, hosting solution, hosting solution, SW as a Service  and all similar businesses.

Professional demonstrations are available to get started with your hosting services website and are just awaiting you to attach your company's contents and information to secure your on-line footprint. With Avada's feature set and template library, your hosting services website can help you retain prospects in a useful and engaging way.

Avada provides the specially designed Fusion Builder to enable you to build uniquely professional-looking pages in an airy way by dragging and dropping, with many user-defined items that you can put into practice directly, such as price leaders, presented shopping malls, user-defined symbol scripts and stylish individual page layouts, all in a streamlined, effective coding that charges at the speed of light and minimises your load endlessly, with SEO wrapped directly into the boat, which means your hosting company is at the top of the list of all hosting companies.

Get more orders today with Avada! It is not only in its primary task as a topic, but also with its own set of documents and individual customer service people. Would you like to dive into the web hosting, web design and web development niches? You are interested in HostStar. This quick and easy design is not only SEO-enabled, but also features full MailChimp and Aweber integrated for newsletters subscription.

HostStar offers a range of functions and visual style options for home pages, header and footer, portfolios, blogs and people. Deploy your website in less than half an hours with Visual Composer, today's most widely-used page composer. Forty+ shortcuts, WHMCS template and Revolution Slider. The Arka Host is an exceptionally well-designed topic that enables the most efficient use of the most sophisticated web design utilities available on the web today, from full and fully featured out-of-the-box WHMCS functions to time-saving and practical plug-ins such as Visual Composer for easier page layout, Slider Revolution for smooth and vibrant slider and Layer Slider 5 to amaze and glare your audiences as they read your work.

More than 50 preconfigured layout templates are also available, and more than 100 ready-made Visual Composer section templates have been designed for all types of functionality. As well as a high-performance bootstrap platform that makes Arka Host fully portable and intrinsically reactive, and many other capabilities under the bonnet make Arka Host the most intelligent hosting site of the year!

HostedPress is specifically developed and engineered for the webmaster who wants to create advanced, fully featured and stunningly technological, imaginative web sites devoted to providing web site content and hosting support across a range of different platform and means, using an unbelievably strong, pre-built UI and 4 home page variants, 3 land page variants and a host of other page styles that you can change with the Visual Composer premium page builder plug-in.

Revolution Slider and the unbelievably useful WordPress Domain Checkers have also been included to help you serve your customer with ease, efficiency and sophistication. Although it is fully compliant with the WHMCS Bridge plug-in industrial standards, providing various, dedicated and sophisticated hosting solutions for a wide variety of accounts in dedicated agreements, bundles and agreements is now simpler than ever, with a fully scalable front-end managed environment where your end user can keep up to date directly from your own home hosting web site.

Finally, the WPML makes the integration of multilingualism complete. Test HostingPress now! The ZionHost has been thoroughly engineered with a range of different and highly advanced webmaster specific web master development utilities that attempt to assemble and create professionally hosted service web sites, WHMCS web sites and stores, and all types of enterprise or enterprise web sites, intranets or extranets, with infinite functions and in-depth functions that provide a real choice of advanced, breathtaking and impressive advanced functions.

The design is so sophisticated that it doesn't even need the WHMCS Bridge plug-in to work! Everything you need for the successful setup and use of WHMCS is contained in Zionhost out of the box and offers you the highest level of comfort. Zionhost's comprehensive accompanying WHMCS license document and template will ensure that your website is up and ready to go in a matter of just a few moments.

In addition to these functions, the premier plug-ins visual composer and revolution slider offer all possibilities of a professionally designed graphics. One host is a hot topic that has been brilliantly designed to pack all kinds of in-depth WHMCS functions, as well as a host of handy website page layouts and useful shortcuts that can be readily customised, along with extensive and high-performance graphical brand-building functions, into a slim, one-page website presence that is dynamic, loads, displays instantly on the server, and is absolutely adorable to look at.

It is also fully compliant with the WHMCS Bridge plug-in, which connects WordPress to WHMCS immediately and seamlessly, is easy to manage registrations, accounting and technical assistance, and every facet of your hosting operations. More than ten exclusive homepage designs come with Onehost, so you can get started right away, even though you can simply add them using the Visual Composer Page Builders and the enhanced Options Panels.

The Multi Host is a conceptual design that incorporates a host of compelling, high-performance functions through the WHMCS Bridge plug-in, such as accounting, registration and hosting services, without you having to type a line of coding. It' s merged with a visual, colourful and enchanting display that is very user-friendly and intuitive to navigate, with high levels of converting and a variety of functions and choices, such as out-of-the-box MailChimp and integrated premier plug-ins like the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider, as well as a beautiful one-page approach demonstration that is easily accessible for you to try out an elegant one-page look with a click.

As well as the benefits of multiple host capabilities, you' ll find price plans, search engines, customer roundabouts, testimonials and a host of other useful, pertinent shortcuts that make the development of your hosting website a snap. When searching for a one-page or multi-page WordPress topic built into WHMCS, search no further than NRGhost.

Topic codes are also well spelled and can be adapted by those with programming skills. NRGhost has also integrated the best eCommerce plug-in into WordPress: This plug-in is chosen by tens of millions of websites from all over the globe for their on-line stores as it is a very dependable and robust one.

LowHost is a state-of-the-art bootstrap-based hosting and accounting system designed for WordPress users. Versatile and fast to respond, this hosting template is characterized by ease of adaptation and excellent customer service. In addition, you will be noticed by your targeted clients with its audacious and linear styling; it has stunning functions to present your hosting offers. Present your product and service with the high-performance homepagelider.

In addition, it incorporates Hosting & Domains which makes it an excellent option for operating your hosting site. Although it is interoperable with the WHMCS Bridge plug-in, which effectively blends your WHMCS accounting and customer relationship system into your website, it is also easy to use and easy to use. WHMCS connectivity makes your hosting site highly proffesional. The other great topic functions are user-defined topic widgets, Contact 7 Integrator, Integrated Domains Find Forms, Back to Top Feature arrows, FontAwesome Integrator, Google Font and much more.

In addition, this topic is also optimised for advanced analytics to ensure that once you find your services, your audience will find you easy. Finally, they also provide excellent after-sales techsu support. The Hostname is a neat and minimally reactive WordPress topic developed using the latest web-standard.

Whilst it has several easy-to-use shortcuts and many other useful functionalities. It is the second version of the widely used Hostme topic that is now retiring, but has been the best-selling web hosting topic of all times. Also, the Hostme offers Google Font Libraries with over 600 font integrations, enhanced topic choices with tens of feature sets.

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