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One-page WordPress theme for hosting websites. Are you looking for a premium WordPress hosting theme? Ltd Hosting is Responsive WordPress theme, which is an excellent theme with a clean and creative design for hosting corporate websites. You can download high-quality hosting Business WordPress themes designed specifically for websites that offer web hosting solutions to their customers.

Best 20+ Hosting WordPress Topics 2018

You would be awarded if you think that designing a website for a web hosting business would be tricky. Admittedly, by selecting one of the elements in this compilation of the best hosting WordPress topics, the creation of this kind of website can be amazingly simple. Featuring a large selection of demonstration sessions that can be easily uploaded with just a few mouse clicks, you can launch your classy and pro web hosting site in no time at all.

Then you can optimize the look of your website through the theme choices and preferences. Great styling might be enough for most sites, but when it comes to building a site for your hosting store, you need more than just a good look. That means your users can review and sign up domain names and administer their hosting accounts through your website.

It also gives you the option to automatically recover payment and any other task a hosting company needs to perform. Most of these topics have several ready-made design options to select from. Therefore, it is a good idea to visit the demonstrations to find out exactly what each topic has to say.

Several of these topics even allow you to login to the demonstration website demos to see how WHMCS integrations and other backend work. As you will soon see in this compilation, the most challenging part of building a professionally run website for a web hosting business is to narrow your pick list down to just one topic.

Valence WordPress is a web hosting business specialized in hosting web sites, which is easily customizable. Developed to create professionally looking web sites that your prospective customers will rely on with their billing information and web hosting requirements, valence is a good choice. When you look at the Valance demonstration, you'll quickly see that the theme has all the functionality a high-conversion web hosting site needs.

Contents of the chart can be adjusted slightly and is perfect so that your users can quickly try out your major packs. Most of the standard homepage designs are full of other useful functions. Since customization of this theme is very easy, however, these home page functions are all optionally available and you can include your own user-defined contents in the home page layouts.

Valence does not lack anything when it comes to web hosting functions. WHMCS technical assistance makes sure that your website has all the key functions a good web hosting site needs, plus the possibility for your clients to administer their account through your website. Also, there are many good-looking template files for the publication of your on-line documents - an integral part of any good web hosting website.

When you want to quickly start a web hosting site with WordPress, the Valencia theme should give you everything you need. The Arka is a bestseller in the web hosting WordPress topics section of the themeForest industry leader. Arka is not only a favorite election, but also a theme that has been periodically refreshed since its first publication in late 2015.

In the course of the years, a number of stunning functions have been added to this theme, among them a drag-and-drop page creator utility, a high-performance slide control creator, and a number of predefined colour variants. Arka's look and feel has been upgraded and improved since the first release and there are now three demo versions to select from.

In order to help you provide a full web hosting services, Arka offers full MMCS technical assistance. That means your users can order and administer their domains and hosting plans through your website. Their arca-based website will also be able to accumulate one-time and periodic payment from your clients, as well as all the other functions that a web hosting pro should have.

To find out exactly what this topic can do, please login to the Arka on-line demonstration and discover the Arka administration Dashboard. The Arka earns its place in this range thanks to its sophisticated designs, its richness of functions and its user-friendliness.

Designed with web hosting businesses in mind, Servereza offers a wide range of functions and an eye-catching look. This topic contains assistance for the construction of a feature-rich homepage with which you can really present your company and win new customers. Topic functions give you the opportunity to include full-width contents and pictures in any contribution or page, as well as a price chart to compare your maps, parcels and items at a single look.

It also has the capability to have your clients do a Whois makeup to verify the accessibility of all domains they are interested in signing up for. Since its first publication this year, HostingPress has already received an extensive upgrade, making it a very appealing addition to this compilation of the best WordPress hosting topics.

In order to help you create a website that is tailored to your hosting needs, HostingPress now offers four homepage variants and three page hosting template options. All of these themes can be added to your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks, giving you a fast and simple way to get your hosting site up and running. Whatever your needs, we've got the right design for you.

But if you want more creativity in the look and feel of your website, HostingPress offers the power of the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in at no additional charge. In order to help you advertise your hosting service effectiveness, HostingPress makes it simple to post information about your best selling functions, besides the reason why your visitor should become a customer.

Built-in price chart tools also simplify the entire hosting publication workflow in a simple comparison file size. WHMCS plug-in assistance allows your users to register for a hosting schedule and administer their account, all through your WordPress website.

HostingPress with full WooCommerce capability offers you an easy way to market any kind of tangible and intangible product or service on-line. HostingPress has the right look and feel and the right functions to help you set up a hosting website with WordPress in no time. The Spark is a fully-fledged WordPress theme for web hosting businesses.

When you want to make it as simple as possible for your guests to register and buy one of your web hosting projects, the neat and user-friendly Spark demo design won't get in the way. Indeed, with four distinct demonstrations to select from, the Spark theme should address a broad array of website users.

The WHMCS fully-integrated WordPress hosting theme allows you to provide a full web hosting experience to your guests and clients. You can not only log in and registrate with your business, but also simply look for and registrate domain names.

Deploying your new web hosting firm website is also simple with Spark. Point-and-click demonstration import does most of the work for you, so you can easily post your corporate identity and attach your own copy of your business and brand. Create and edit your WordPress page with this drag-and-drop website design software that gives everyone the power to optimize and personalize their WordPress page through an extremely simple and friendly web browser experience.

By choosing Spark, you get Visual Composer, as well as the Slider Revolution slide show building plug-in and a host of other useful functions. Spar Spark has a very contemporary look that should be able to help anyone create a web hosting site with WordPress. The FlatHost uses the one-sided website styling paradigm and combined it with a number of functions that anyone who runs a web hosting facility will find very useful.

Besides these great hosting capabilities, FlatHost also contains many of the items that are included in the best WordPress topics. A few typical applications are the fully portable interface architecture, the Google font integrator, customized widgets, and the page creator draft and dropdown feature. FlatHost's other enhancements are a price chart generator that helps you benchmark your hosting schedules, a domains finder, a full page Content Designer, Google Maps integrated, and a wide range of page styles.

FlatHost is a useful feature that will appeal to you when the UI slim styling trends are appealing. The NRGhost contains everything you need to support the service of your web hosting store on-line. But even if you just review and cover the various available web hosting solutions instead of doing your own hosting operation, this topic is an appropriate one.

However, either way, if you decide to use NRGhost, you will have many great functions to select from when you set up your website. You should have no problems presenting your company professionally, from the neat look of the three different homepage layout to the well-designed hosting plans.

In order to make sure that you don't miss any new clients visiting your site on their smart phones and tables, the theme design responds completely to make sure it not only looks great on the small display, but is also fully operational. In order to help you maintain this customized look and feel for your website, even if you are using a standard theme, NRGhost contains the Visual Composer Page Builders Dragging and Dropping plug-in.

Using this utility, it is not only simple to adjust the design's page layout, but also to create your own design from the ground up. You should have no problems getting the most out of NRGhost thanks to the libraries of on-line documentary video files that have been made for this topic.

The ZionHost is designed to help you build a fully functional web hosting corporate website in less than an hours. In order to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, ZionHost contains a ready-made website for hosting companies that can be easily integrated into your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, ZionHost also offers a new website option for your hosting team.

Designed to include the WHMCS submission and interface that allows your users to sign up for domain names from your website. Slider Revolution is also included in the ZionHost bundle to help you include motion slide shows and presentation on your hosting website. Using these functions, you can quickly generate highly reactive price charts to benchmark your hosting plan and split customer and client experiences and ratings.

Since this is a WordPress theme, however, you can add any other plug-ins that can be integrated with another e-mail marketer. The ZionHost host hosting WordPress theme's other useful functions are full multi-lingual assistance for posting contents in more than one languages, para-lax scanning that can be used to enhance the look and feel of your website, and WooCommerce assistance for the sale of other items and service from your website.

The ZionHost project is aimed at simplifying the implementation of a new website for hosting companies using WordPress. Actually, this is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that was designed to help you create a number of different sites. Though its standard demonstration model is perfectly suited for building a website for a web hosting business, due to its overall look and feel and set of functions.

The large full-screen slide bar on the Standard Demomode home page makes it easy to use ProHost to view your company's best functions or any special offer or promotion you're currently in. It allows you to simply generate several price charts to benchmark your different web hosting schedules and bundles.

While the homepage layout is very customizable, the standard setup provides room to view client votes, affiliate logo's and list ings of your company's best functions. Just as with the most common hosting topics, you will find full interoperability with the WHMCS accounts managing system at Webhost. The Cloud Hoster makes the task of building a professionally looking website for a hosting business very easy.

This theme contains many functions that make it easy for your users to see the maps offered and make comparisons of their own functions. Among these functions are price charts, icons list and foldable FAQ areas. Because Cloud Hoster is based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, your website will fully respond to the assistance of users on portable terminals who are viewing and buying your hosting schedules.

When you are looking for a fully reactive, full-width theme for your hosting site with all the necessary functionality, Cloud Hoster is a good option. Conspicuous ly designed to be a good option for anyone tired of hosting topics that include default company floor pictures, KloudMe is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get more out of the cloud.

While your users are scrolling down the homepage, they can quickly review your best hosting plan in a highly competitive price comparison chart, review customer experiences, see screen shots of your own console, and review your website's link to other contents. But because you can select from three homepage themes, you can freely combine and combine the different items to make a design that's right for your web hosting store.

And you can use the rich library of adjustments from the advanced scene option check box to further customise your website. CloudMe theme also contains a full WHMCS template kit to make sure you can provide your customers with all the necessary service from your website. Because the theme's theme is completely reactive in terms of how it is designed, your portable audiences will find it just as simple to log in, order a web hosting plan, and administer their account just like your desktops.

The CloudMe has a great frontend look, so it's great to have a look at the backend demonstration to see if this theme works the way you want it to. The RealHost is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a fast and simple to setup solution. It gives you a good foundation from which you can work when it comes to personalize this theme to present your hosting franchise.

This topic also includes a useful shortcut library that can be used as needed, a choice of user-defined page styles, and a set of user-defined Widgets to display hosting-related information in the page bar and other widgettized areas of your website. When you are looking for a classy design that makes it easier for you to advertise the various hosting plans you are offering, RealHost is definitely a place to visit.

This is a good option for anyone who is designing a website for a hosting or registrar service. Under the hostpecific functions of Oracle you will find a web based Live-Domain-Checker, with which your customer can verify his desired name. There' also a price charting utility to help you quickly see your layouts, and a hosting layout build engine to highlight hosting proposals and the functions you want to attract your visitors' interest.

A large short-code collection and a custom shortcode creation utility are provided with it. This orbital theme's theme is also suitable for acquiring new clients on the move. It''s feature-rich and one of the best WordPress topics available today.

The Hostmagnet was created by themmeChilly, which has a number of topics for setting up the website for a hosting business, making them an expert in the area. Hostmagnet's hosting dedicated capabilities are all very useful and will help you set up a website that answers all your customers' needs so they can make the choice to subscribe to one of your hosting schedules.

Hostmagnet functions includes a VPS Slider which enables customers to customize their own packets with the precise specifications that fit their needs. It is also possible to build a storefront for hosting plan by using an attractively priced price chart. Additional useful functions you'll find useful includes the opportunity to collect and present feedback, a fully reactive theme for mobility, a choice of colored skin, and extensive set up support for easy use.

When you want an easy-to-use web hosting website build with WordPress, Hostmagnet is definitely a good choice. Templatic web hosting offers you all the necessary utilities to build, maintain and grow your web hosting franchise with WordPress on-line. As soon as the theme is enabled on your website, you can quickly build a plan page where you can enumerate the hosting bundles offered.

The page may contain a price chart detailing the various functions of the hosting offers, their rates and the possibility for users to register now for a hosting plan of their choosing. In addition to the host-specific functions, the WebHosting theme also contains a customized home page that can be created using simple Drag-and-Drop Widget technology, giving you many choices about how your site's home page is organised and what items it contains.

There are also many other adjustment possibilities available through the theme's theme panels. This is a well-designed WordPress theme with a large suite of functions that make it very simple to build an efficient corporate web hosting website. With Hostme 2, you have a good option to all the feature-rich WordPress topics that your users jump out of their browsers.

Hostme 2 still succeeds in leaving a clear impression without being exaggerated and without overpowering your guests with a clear and slim contemporary look. Price charts are a good example of this as they use a clear and contemporary look so that users can see the different maps and their functions in one place.

The Hostme 2 has one of the latest pictorial design features offered by a web hosting WordPress theme today, so it's definitely a good idea to take a close look. Impressine Hosting is another artwork by themed Chilly that was specifically designed for the creation of a website to encourage a web hosting business and its hosting schedules.

Whilst the homepage is fully customizable, the available Widget makes it very easy to display a price chart to present and benchmark your service and your business in a striking way. You can fully customize the interactivity desk to emphasize the characteristics of your design that you consider the most important.

Additional functions of the topic Hosting Image includes tabs for your contents, a multiplan slide bar, integrated domainsearch and an animated contents tool. When you want a brave and eye-catching web hosting service provider that your clients won't want to miss, we recommend you to use our web hosting service Impressagine.

Hosting provider will find Hostify's sleek styling supported by a host of functions useful. Six predefined color themes make it simple to customize your website to fit your corporate image. Hosptify makes it simple to post comparative charts that present the best capabilities of your hosting plan to your prospective clients.

With Hostify, it' s also easy to create listings and grid to show off your best work. Hostify may have a minimalist look and feel, but it certainly doesn't lack functionality. The SuperHost is another high-performance hosting theme from themed Chilly, a successful production firm that produces hands-on WordPress topics for this audience.

The SuperHost uses the beloved one-page theme, where all of your most important information is presented on a vertical scrollable page that acts as the home page for your website. In addition to the great look, this site has all the functionality required for a contemporary WordPress site, plus an appealing look, slide, social networking and more.

When you want a theme for a hosting service website from a success story in this area, then SuperHost is definitely worth considering. We use many different motion graphics to really make sure your web hosting site sets itself apart from the masses and attracts the interest of your prospective clients.

This topic contains nine different homepage configuration. Whatever your choice, Chester's other functions give you a lot of power over how your website will look and feels. Featuring a contentslider utility, web page template portfolios, and pallax scroll, there are many ways to make this theme your own and give your website a personalised look.

It is also fully portable and reactive and retina enabled so your website looks great no matter what your viewing devices are. With WHMCS services supported, Chester makes it simple for you to administer your clients' web hosting account while giving them the ability to log in and administer their own account.

Whichever kind of website you want to construct to further your web hosting business, the Chester theme is a versatile toolset that should help you reach your objectives. One of the latest topics from web hosting templates specialist TopicChilly is host chilllly V3. Designers have been able to incorporate the best and most beloved functions from their earlier hosting topics to make a good all-round web hosting theme for WordPress.

Using a full-width slide bar, the home page of your hosting site created with this theme will attract the full interest of all your site's users when they arrive on your site. Although some of the favorite features involve the presentation of your various hosting plans and hosting service, you can use the slide bar at will.

Your homepage can also contain a number of information symbols to highlight your company's other distinctive characteristics. HosterChilly V3 is a WordPress hosting theme that is up to date and includes all the functions needed to build a state-of-the-art website. DomicileChilly2 is another topic of the ThemeChilly-Teams, this year with a special emphasis on domainservices and not on webhosting.

This is not to say, however, that this topic will not address anyone who creates a web hosting site using WordPress. In addition to the homepage address checks, you can also show your hosting offers and hosting packets in a prominent position on your homepage and even use the comparative tables constructorfeature.

TopicChilly 2 also contains a VPS spec slide control that allows your users to customize hosting offerings to meet their needs. You can also select from three coloured skin templates so that you can quickly adapt this ThemeChilly pattern to your current style. When your company is more focused on registering domains while at the same time providing hosting schedules, Chilly offers all the functionality you need.

KloudChilly2 is the second edition of this hosting theme from ThemeChilly. The 2 release has been completely redesigned and includes many of the most sought-after functions and designs to help build a polished corporate identity for your brands. This slim and lightweight homepagelider can be used to easily benchmark your various web hosting options, with each transparency having the capability to contain pictures, text and hyperlinks to each page of your website.

Your homepage can also contain large symbols and listings to quickly show your company's most important functions to your users. The CloudChilly 2 website is the perfect solution if you want a large, fat print layout for your web hosting web site. The Alpha Host comes with five colored skin and a fully appealing look, making it a good option for those looking for a theme to create a web hosting service website.

This topic also contains an appealing spreadsheet creation function to help you understand your different schedules and the functions they contain. And there are many other shortcuts that you can use for this topic. When you want to include a blogsite on your hosting site to better connect with your audiences, Alpha Host is a good choice because it has a variety of well-designed blogsite mail submissions ready for you.

When you want an accessible WordPress theme for creating a web hosting site, then Alpha Host should not be missed....

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