Wordpress html Generator

Worldpress html Generator

When you see a bunch of folders and an index.html, you're probably in good shape. You can' t use it, however, to create simple static HTML Web sites. Quickly and securely turn your WordPress page into a collection of static HTML pages using the Simply Static plugin. A static site generator is a system that assembles templates into static HTML pages.

What does it do?

The HTML Generator plug-in will extract titles, teasers (or excerpts), authors name, feature images, permalinks, shortlinks, date of the actual article and generate the complete HTML source of your ready-to-send newsletters using the template you upload. Simply copy the HTML file and paste it into your preferred email delivery services, such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, etc.

It creates a user-defined mailtyp " E-Mail-Vorlagen ". First of all make as many layouts as you need (e.g. "Mailchimp responsive", "Weekly Newsletter", etc.). Subscribe to our newsletters or customize your own. Then open one of your scheduled postings in editing and select any e-mail style you like.

Immediately the plug-in will generate ready-to-send HTML codes with the titles of the posts, teasers, etc. Receive also the clear text edition of your newsletters - just in case. It does not generate subscription form, does not subscribe to newsletters, does not segmented your subscription! The program only creates ready-to-send HTML that you can use with ANY e-mail services or e-mail-marketing service.

Do plugins distribute e-mail notifications? Nope, it doesn't. Produces ready-to-send HTML that you can use for any mailing list management tool or tool. But why should I use this plug-in? This is the example of the contexts in which the plug-in can help. You have to copy and insert titles, teasers, images, authors' names, etc. from your article into the newsletters' editors every times you generate a subscription.

In order to avoid this kind of manually work, the plug-in creates HTML codes from your contributions that can be sent to you. They can copy it, then go to the newsletters supplier, recreate an empty newsletters from the ground up and simply insert the HTML you created. It can also be used to automate the addition of analysis tracker parameter to your newsletters link. "HTML Generator Newsletter" is open resource programming language.

Following persons have added to this plug-in. At this point the plug-in will generate HTML and clear text version. It can also be used to automate the addition of analysis tracker parameter to your newsletters link. You can now use Full HTML styles with full text, styles such as doctor type, header, corpus, etc. You can use restricted HTML without the need for doctor type, heading - only inner HTML bodies (as used in GetResponse).

Then you can directly modify your newsletters in the previews and receive the HTML-codes.

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