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Worldpress Https Plugin for Wordpress

Truly Simple SSL The Really Simple SSL recognizes your preferences instantly and sets your website to run over https. Verify your SSL Certificates expiration: Receive an e-mail when your SSL Certificates expires. Every request will be forwarded to https. Site and HomeURL will be set to https. Their unsafe contents will be resolved by substituting all http:// URLs for https://, with the exception of links to other domain names.

Dynamic so that no changes are made to the databases (except the site url and the home url). Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries, problems or comments. The Really Simple SSL is designed by Really Simple Plugins. Would you like to have this plugin in your own native tongue? In order to use this plugin: Now you will see a message asking you to activate SSL.

In order to use this plugin: Now you will see a message asking you to activate SSL. Could the mixed contentfixer slow down my website? In the case of the 5000-character file, the length of the timeout due to the modified version of the program is about 0.00188 seconds. In case this is too much for you, correct the miscellaneous contents by hand and disable it in the preferences.

This plugin verifies your certification before activation, but if, for example, you have moved the website to a non-ssl location, you may be excluded from the backend. When you cannot disable the option, don't just delete the plugin directory to deinstall it! The majority of problems with blended contents are due to the presence of a URL in your HTML pages.

Please refer to this review for details on how to find blended contents. When you see red direct loop on your site, try these directions. The plugin is multi-site compliant? You can overwrite all page SSL setting at the networking layer in the per-disposed multi-site plug-in and enable and disable SSL for each page in the networking area.

Really Simple SSL has an comprehensive knowledgebase at https://www.really-simple-ssl.com. This plugin has been created by the following persons. Add a built-in certification validation in the phone book part of the security code that verifies that the domains are present in the shared name and/or in the Alternate part. Redirecting. The . chtaccess now uses $1 instead of {REQUEST_URI}.

Add an optional feature to disable the plugin while retaining SSL in the SSL preferences. Javascript redirection filtering has been added. Add a side bar with suggested plug-in. Fix: Multi-site menus are not displayed if the primary site is not SSL. The plugin was extensively used with Gutenberg. admin_url enforced admin_url to use http for recent URL's on multisites, even if the recent https was used to load the latest one.

Now this only forces http for other blog_urls than the actual one, if they are on http and not on https. Note: Tweak: Preference to change the mixed contentfixer hook from template_redirect to init. Note that this is not possible.

Modified flower overwrite rule hooks from admin_init to shutdown when SSL is activated. Multi-site fixation: Modified feature that tests whether admin_url and site_url should revert to http or https to search for https in home_url. A feature has been added where the home_url and site_url on multi-site functions test whether it should be http or https if SSL on site base is on.

New multi-site site hooked up so that a new site is enabled as SSL when the networking is enabled. Tweak: has a special constants for redirection from remainder kernel in case user wants to avoid redirection of remainder kernel to https. Fix: Problem in Mixed Contentfixer solved where the matching between the items would be the same with optimised html.

Automatically inserting . staccess reducts has been disabled. Although the HTTP access re-directs work well for most folks, they can cause problems in some cases. 3, as it caused problems for some user. file_get_contents feature from class_url. removed php, as this causes problems in some cases. Implemented hrtaccess re-direct to use all available servers variables for SSL validation.

When the page reloads when the display shows . httaccess,. taccess is now written again. Removed the marking for merged contents to a non-quotation mark variant to avoid script creation problems, etc. Worked over: added a release validation on wp_get_sites / get_sites to remove obsolete functionalities and maintain backward compatible. An error in multi-site where plugin_url would return an incorrect URL if the primary site contained a backslash and the sub-site would not.

Add icon to preference page to activate SSL in case another plugin is blocked by administrator messages. Optimized: The marking for blended contents on the frontend has been enhanced so that it is less conspicuous and is not deleted by minimization codes. Tweak: Enhanced Content Mixer to handle form action, since these should also be http for externals.

is_ssl( ), which avoids the fixation of contents to http. Gain more complete command over the SSL enablement procedure by asking for SSL enablement specifically. Updated the following location in the cursor to an alternate way as this will cause problems if safe mode or open_basedir is on. Fix for unsecure contents fixed. An error in using the issue buffers has been corrected that fixes several problems.

In order to avoid locks, it is no longer possible to enable the plugin if wp-config. php is not writable. For load balancers, enabling slsl without applying the necessary fix in wp-config would result in a re-direct cycle that would exclude you from the admins. Add an optional feature to deactivate diversion from fall-back Java script to https.

Brandnew Publisher Fixed all your website link in the original link. Scroll back the Mixed Contents Fixed. Enhanced the version of the mixed contents fixed. Added editing of the whpconfig definitecheck to avoid warning when not needed. Per-site enablement for multi-site added, but this feature is not available for sub-folder installations.

WooCommerce has been added to the Plugin conflicts handlers because some preferences are conflicting with this plugin and are redundant if you still enforce SSL on your website. Expanded src=" http:// link to substitute the src= "http:// link, as it should always be https on an SSL site. A test has been added to verify that the suggested. ttaccess rule works in the actual setting.

Read HSTS into the HTTP access rule, but now as an optional extra. Ability to disable editing HTTPccess during a re-direct cycle added. The plugin now only changes. HTTPccess if one of three pre-programmed CSS type was detected. Easier use of filters to include your own replacement urls, see e.g. Limiting the number of attachments, postings and items that can be displayed simultaneously in the blended-content scan.

Add revision checking to the . HTTPccess rule so that the . HTTPccess is also up-dated. The recognition of load balancer and so. load balancer and so. chd. access rule can be adjusted accordingly. Resolves some problems with the redirection of loops. Thank you to Peter Tak, PTA security for bringing up the best practices of security development at https://www.owasp.org/index. php/HTTP_Strict_Transport_Security in . access, added https to https to make back-end SL check, automatically changing site url and home url.

add googleapis.com/ajax to the default substitution scripts because it is often used without https.

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