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The Wordpress Picture Gallery

Creating a picture gallery in WordPress Simply click the Add Media icon and load your pictures. If you add more than one image, however, all these will be displayed one after the other. Looks not good, and your user will have to scrolls a great deal to see them all. When you create a gallery, you can show pictures in a raster format with column and row views.

They can display miniature views of your pictures, and people can click on them to see the full picture. The WordPress has an integrated gallery function that many people are not familiar with. WordPress plug-ins can also be used to make even more rugged image galeries that look good on all types of equipment and display screens.

Let's now take a look at how to simply build a picture gallery in WordPress. The WordPress application has a built-in function that lets you generate a gallery. This is how you would build an image gallery in WordPress without using a plug-in. First of all, you need to modify the article or page on which you want to insert the picture gallery.

Click the "Add Media" icon on the post-production screens to load your pictures. The WordPress Press Viewer will open, where you can click the "Select Files" icon to submit your photo uploads. It is also possible to choose photographs that you have previously added from the Libraries. Once you've finished submitting and choosing your pictures, click the Make Gallery links in the navigation bar on the right....

Next, click on the'Create new gallery' icon. Press the OK key to display the gallery setting for the image you want to upload. Annotate each image in your gallery with labels. It is also possible to choose how the pictures should be combined, how many column and picture sizes should be used in the gallery.

As soon as you are finished, you can click on the'Insert gallery' pushbutton. As a result, the pop-up window of the image viewer is closed and you can see your image gallery in the mailditor. Now you can store or publicize the post/page and go to your website to see your picture gallery in operation.

But if you periodically make image galeries, you'll soon find that there are some important functions missing. So for example, your pictures will open on a new page and people will have to click the Back to re-display the gallery. It' s not completely portable, and the look of your gallery will depend on your subject.

And last but not least, you can't organise your gallery into album, mark your pictures, etc. When you want to include professional-looking image galeries on your website, you should use this next one. We use the Envira Gallery plug-in for this purpose. It' the best WordPress gallery plug-in on the shelves.

With Envira you can simply make attractive, nice and contemporary picture galeries in WordPress. It' s ultra quick and has many functions like light box pop-up, simple image browsing, pull & dropping builders and pro gallery artwork. First, you need to download and enable the Envira Gallery plug-in.

Please read our step-by-step instructions for installing a WordPress plug-in for more information. Once activated, you will need to go to the Envira Gallery " Preferences page to input your licence number. It can be obtained from your Envira Gallery website user accounts. Once you have verified your licence code, you can go to Envira Gallery " Add New Page to build your first gallery.

First, you need to specify a gallery name and then click the'Select file from computer' link to load your pictures. Also, you can choose a file from your WordPress Libraries by pressing the "Select a file from another source" link. As soon as you have uploaded your pictures, they will appear in the Pictures section.

Click the stylus symbol of an image to append caption, titles and alto text to each image. Allows you to modify gallery preferences such as number of column, titles and captions position, borders, heights, image thumbnails, image size, image dimension, etc. Illuminated box pop-up window allows user to zoom and search pictures without ever exiting the page.

Standard defaults will work fine for most sites, but you can check the option choices and make changes if necessary. Now you can share your gallery, which it makes available to add anywhere on your WordPress page. Next, you need to work on a contribution or a page on which you want to view your gallery.

You will see the new'Add gallery' pushbutton above the mail editing window on the editing page. When you click on it, a pop-up opens where you can choose the gallery you just made. Just click on the gallery and then on the Paste Buttons. You' ll see a speed dial for the gallery in your mailditor.

Now you can store and publicize your contribution. If you click on an image, it opens the image in the pop-up window of the light box. To search pictures in the light box, press the right and left arrows on your keypad. Well, your gallery's gonna look just as good on your phone.

User can touch an image to zoom in and zoom out to see the next or preceding image. Hopefully this tutorial has help you in learning how to build an image gallery in WordPress. Alternatively, you can read our troubleshooting guidelines for frequent image problems in WordPress.

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