Wordpress Image Gallery Theme

The Wordpress Image Gallery Theme

It supports audio, video and image files as well as multiple site layouts. When you think that your images should stand out, this should be a central topic on your shortlist! picture gallery The Image Gallery is clear, easily customizable WP templates. The Image Gallery is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose HTML5 theme with an appealing 2-column outline. This theme is great for a picture gallery, photograph, blogs, restaurants, newspapers, pictures, photographs, publications, messages, blogs, businesses, portfolios or other content sites.

For more information on this topic, please go to the topic uri and read the documentation.

Adjustable header and background images

The Gallery is back with a nicer look, cleaner type face, lots of adjustments and the best part? Customize the gallery to your own unique look by specifying a user-defined head image, text colour, wallpaper or wallpaper colour. Even better, buy the add-on Custom Colors and open up a whole new universe of colour patterns and gorgeous pictures!

Hint: The user-defined headers look best with a decorating wallpaper, not with a logotype sized to fit a particular area. The gallery theme is very basic at first sight, with a clear backdrop and a very clear look, but once you begin to add your own touch, Galley will take on your character and your own look.

Support Rdio, Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and more! Gallery-maintains the ease of embedding your favourite website's content, all of which is visible on both individual stories and raster playlists. There' s really no other topic that provides that kind of flexible way to share things you like. Join your affiliate account immediately!

Easily include your community content account as a link in the Browse tool. Brickwork looks great when Infinite Roll is activated, so your audiences stay trapped while scrolling through an infinite array of contributions. The gallery allows you to post a location icon - and you can keep your icon if you change to another theme that includes the location icon function.

You don't have to up-load a new image for the headers, just up-load your own design once and take it with you no matter what.

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