Wordpress Independent Publisher Theme

Worldpress Independent Publisher Theme

The independent publisher 2 is here We are therefore pleased to inform you that it has been slightly enhanced with the talented designers of Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad. Independent Publisher 2: Independent Publisher was first conceived, created and published four years ago by Raam Dev in his initial role with the Independent Publisher Project:

Recently I met with Raam to find out more about the roots of the Independent Publisher. JM: How was the Independent Publisher created? Throughout the years I had received so many inquiries from folks who wanted to use the topic I was using, but the actual topic was always so choppy that I couldn't just divide it.

Eventually, in 2013, I resolved to invest everything I had learnt in the development of a theme that could be divided and in which the Independent Publisher theme was created. I was astonished how many folks use it - it's such a strange sensation to be visiting a stranger's site on the web just to find that they're using the theme I built!

JM: What kind of guidance do you give to prospective designers and developers like you when you start to create a theme? Establishing the Independent Publisher theme, I visited the same question every time I took a walk towards it: What is the ultimative meaning of this topic? RD: If there ever was a good example of how important it is to consider the effects of the designs of what we make, it would be portable.

Since Independent Publisher came onto the market in 2013, it earned a small number of improvements. Thinking that the best two persons to guide the styling challenges should be our thematic vet Caroline Moore and our type specialist Kjell Reigstad. JM: What makes a good topic? CM: A rock-solid base of codes like components and a look that looks like home.

I like courageous, colourful topics with a lot of character; I remember the notepad of my friend Laurel Fulford. JM: Are there any issues that attracted your interest when the Independent Publisher was first published on WP.com? CM: Using a gravatar as a website emblem was not usual when Independent Publisher was published, so it turned out to be a clean way for me to personalize the theme right out of the box. What I did was to make it more personal and more fun.

When a text block is too broad, your eye must make a large leap every line you move on to. JM: What about this update by the Independent Publisher that will benefit the readers? In most cases, today's Web sites download user-defined fonts to view all of their text.

By converting to these scripts, we don't have to download extra scripts each and every times your site is accessed. Helps save valuable resources and is especially useful when users are on a low speed or instable wireless link. JM: Where do you see the theme universe, Caroline? CM: I want to see how topics are combined into a unique style sheet that applies to different parts that you can shuffle and combine to create any type of website you can think of.

JM: If I am a novice in designing and want to know more about type, how do I begin, Kjell? JM: Thank you Raam, Caroline and Kjell! This is how you did it - take advantage of the new capabilities of Independent Publisher 2 and get free to type with improved readability, specific optimizations for the phone and an overall quicker overall reader experiences.

Find out more about Raam Dev, Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad on their web sites:

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