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Simply put, WordPress is a content management system. Wordprocessorials Subjects discussed in this WordPress Tutor (click the links to go to the topic): WordPress - what is it? In simple terms, WordPress is a CMS. WorldPress has a free, hosting based application at www.wordpress.

com OR you can install a full version of WorldPress on your own website at www.wordpress.org. and get it up and running. Hosting is a good starting point because you can't destroy anything.

WordPress why, after all, there are many other CMS there? With WordPress, users are up to date more quickly and can make more out of it in the long run. As a result, even the worse result for a CMS is that users don't get it when they sign up for the first time.

There are also a large number of developers who write WordPress plugs and new topics. Topics also steer the overall theme. When the website already exists, i.e. the WordPress installation is replacing an older one, setting up /new can be an optional feature and then it can be relocated to the roots.

Information on the WP system

An easy but useful and important plug-in for show site and system information. This plug-in allows you to view your location information, servers information, topic information and plug-in information in one place. You can also extract your files to a CSV format and load them onto your computer. How is the WP system information used?

Display also your latest topic information and the active plugins as well. Following persons have added to this plug-in. New] Server IP, protocol, administrator info added. added [new] PHP GD Library info. New] Export data to CSV files.

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It is a basic plug-in that will add an optional feature to an administrator's preferences dialog that will show the default feed back detail of phpinfo() to the current users. Then you can copy it directly from the preferences page to a supporting agents or send it by e-mail. It is a very easy scripts developed to help non-technical users get instant feedbacks about their blogs.

16.3 You can now click on a pushbutton to copy a pure text copy of your phone book to your desktop. You can then insert an e-mail or wherever you want. In order to be able to install the plug-in, please load the directory into your plug-in directory and activate the plug-in. Extra functions of the ability to copy a text-only copy or send the PHP tech information by e-mail to someone else - great!

Following persons have added to this plug-in. Corrected the way to extract a table from the HTML file generated by phpinfo(). fixed a headers call that caused some issues on quarantined server.

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