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Alkaweb's Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme - Woffice The Woffice is a feature-rich, high-performance multi-purpose intranet WordPress theme. Everything is packed with an easily customizable theme that follows Google's Material Style to give it a beautiful, contemporary look and an easy-to-use interface. It is fully customizable to a variety of business & government Intranets / Extranets, school networks or any community network and associations / charities.

When you need a safe way to get your next great job up and running quickly and simply, Woffice is for you. Constructed with the highest encoding standard, and fully responsiv, it comes with: a full Buddypress network, a custom log-in page, projekting, wiki, chat and messages, file manager, calendar, directory extension, forum, e-commerce and so much more!

Building your own social or community network, intranet/extranet, project site with member logins, school intranet, forum or even a wiki! No matter if you want to develop an intranet, extranet, community or any web-adapter. We believe that it should be available for everyone with previous knowledge or not on WordPress. That'?s our work on Woffice.

Username card, title picture (Ajax with specific integration!) ..... Operates with tons of WordPress plug-ins, infinite options! This is a board application with a WordPress developer tweak. Easy setting up of bulletin boards in your WordPress.org based website. Enhanced WordPress instant messaging plug-in.

Wallin' Facebook: The Next End! Click on the Facebook? sign up and sign up plug-in? This is a pretty handy, yet quite powerfull utility for creating, managing and embedding your WordPress diagrams into your WordPress post and pages. Authorize New Users: Authorize New Members! It allows a site admin to authorize a particular site visitor before they can log in to the site.

BadgeOS? is a free high-performance WordPress plug-in that lets you achieve success in a simple way and creates divisible badges when your end user is successful. This is a very quick WordPress page changer that generates HTMLs. Full RTL technical assistance. - New: Access to Woffice Pro is now FREE, includes features requests gateway, videoset.....

  • ( NEW ) Members per page radio button - ( FIXED ) Avoid the cycle if the maintenance page is absent. - For example, the behaviour of the "Complete projects" check box has been modified to "Archive projects" - Woffice 2.4. Also, many enhancements for the project, a full redesign of the to-do managers for better performance, and a new Masonry look for the list.
  • Corrected the behaviour of the "Projects are Public" checkbox in Topic Preferences > Permissions > Project. Refer to the descriptions of the new options. - order of entries shown with the visual page item "Blog Posts" - (NEW) SLACK enhancement to boost notification about task, registration, activities, new entries.....
  • The "[ [woffice_project_task_added]" operation - [NEU] The "[[woffice_after_member_icons]" operation - [NEU] The "[[woffice_vor_ember_icons]" operation - [NEU] The "[[woffice_vor_titlebox]" operation, - Shortcomings (IMPROVED) Creating frontend elements is also restricted for administrators if the " No one " checkbox is selected.

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