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The WordPress Directory themes are perfect options to turn a normal directory website into a premium website. Interactive inventory management system that works seamlessly with invoicing, inventory, and other information that updates instantly when you create an invoice. Inventar - WordPress Catalog Theme by Jewel_Theme Inventar is a simple and advanced directory Wordpress theme to build directory listings directory sites. The Inventory has many adjustment choices that allow you to change the pages without having to touch the file or any of the codes. The Inventory provides a front-end list ingsite.

This is a high-performance radio button window that helps you adjust all the necessary settings without programming.

The Inventory offers 8 kinds of card variants. Listings Information - Schedule modified to "Opening Hours" + Added: Typography fonts added to inventory options.

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Please note that all questions are answered through our website. When you have a question for our customer service, we will help you, but you have to send it here: Select the new WP Inventory option and followed the quick instructions. Select the new WP Inventory option and followed the quick instructions.

Superb customer service! I can' say enough good things about this plug-in and its backup. There was a problem I had that was specific to my particular circumstances, and the technical team went beyond that to make the plug-in work for me. I' d strongly suggest this plug-in if you do any kind of inventory work.

"The WP Inventory Manager" is open resource management tool. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Corrects the inventory computation on the inventory page if double SEO's were found. Further enhancements in the administration searching / sorting. Fixed an error in the administrative finder that was not applied correctly. Seven, which resulted in the state not being saved / updated correctly when the Find / Order function was used in the inventory list.

Enhancements to the function "Remove standard elements". Keep the chosen filter/sort when you edit elements in the Dashboard. Added a preference option to the reconfirmation shown to the user after an article has been reserved. Embed slide show into the kernel plug-in. Attach rugged standard elements. Fixed a search problem with the new superior "where" arguments. Added strong supports for customizable "where" arguments in shortcuts.

Is also used by the Bulk Item Manager for rugged item searches. Added assistance for "searching" for any box in short code properties. Enhancements to various smaller elements. Apply wpim_image_image_link_attributes filters to your wpim images (to display lightboxes). Created new filter: apply_filters('wpim_get_config', $setting, $field); added new filter: apply_filters ('wpim_check_permission', TrUE, $type, $inventory_item); added new filter: $args = apply_filters('wpim_query_item_args', $args); extended hook for add-ons, improved globalization.

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