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role is_home( ) is depending on the "Front page displays" depending on the ''show_on_front'' and''page_for_posts'' read setting of the website. Also, if a fixed page is defined for the title page of the Web site, this feature returns True only on the page you specified as the post page.

Boolean if Blog Viewer Homepage is correct, otherwise incorrect. globally $wp_query; _doing_it_wrong( __FUNCTION__, __('Conditional queries do not work before the queries is executed. Before, they always give back wrong. 3.1.0' ); 3.1.0' ); return false; Return $wp_query->is_home(); 1.5.0Introduced. Make sure that you do not mix up the two inquiry conditions: is_front_page( ) always returns True on the first page of the website, regardless of whether the first page of the website shows the index of blog postings or a fixed page.

is_home( ) always gives back truth on the blog post index, regardless of whether the blog post index is shown on the title page of the website or on a seperate page. If is_home( ) or is_front_page() gives back real or real value will depend on the value of certain options: get_option( 'show_on_front'): gives back either 'posts' or 'page':

When ' posts' == get_option( 'show_on_front'): When ' page' == get_option( 'show_on_front'): At the page that has been allocated to the blog post index display: is_home() uses the $wp_query WP_Query globale objekt. is_home() cannot be used before the'parse_query' operation.

ph- Verify that the page you are viewing is the blog page.

When by ''blog page'' you mean a statical page that has been placed as a post page in the read settings, you can verify it by doing the following:! You are on a blog page' ; You can use hooks in your functions.php files to link the above to appear on every page.

When by ''blog page'' you mean a statical page that is used as a post page in the reading: ;

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