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Best 20 Job Market Topics and Plugins for WordPress 2018 Today I have resolved to create a WordPress Topics Guide for job exchanges.... You can use these topics for general job board web pages as well as for some specialized pages such as freelance job board and even babysitting job board.

Topics include front-end submittal, location-based searching, CV authors, building owners and more.

Since 5 years I have been working in the recruiting industry and have worked for various multinational recruiting agencies. At this point WordPress comes into play. They can use different plug-ins and topics and easily set up your job ad and keep it up to date when the theme and plug-in developer publishes an update.

In the following you will find the best job exchange topics I could find. Shared by the same high quality designs and functions, these theme are very adaptable to your needs. The majority of these topics are designed as special job exchange topics, but some of them can be used for recruiting agencies, companies, directories, classifications and other functionally and creatively designed web sites.

JobMonster allows site admins to first check every job that is scheduled to be published. Fortunately, this theme has a nice look and is able to connect functionality and aesthetics. If you want to know everything about its functions, we offer an information and extensive documentary resource. The job theme is fixed and requires no additional plug-in cost or WP Job Manager inputs to work.

Professionals and beginners alike can savor this awesome WordPress Jobboard theme. Affordability is critical to any website that is designed to succeed in the corporate market. The design allows your posters to be accessed immediately by any user, regardless of their location. In fact, your website will be completely reactive and able to work with portable equipment such as tables and smartphones.

Meanwhile, the WooCommerce plug-in makes payments and other transaction easier! Jobseek is the perfect option for those who want to build a job exchange. Accessable and diverse, this WordPress theme has a sleek look and an intuitively designed user surface. In principle, if you can browse a basic WordPress user guide, you will find it easier to work with Jobseek.

WooCommerce's productive plug-in enables the fee-based listing-feature. The customer can easily create his website and there is no need to manipulate the codes. With WorkScout, you have an outstanding WordPress theme for job boards. Can be used by any recruitment agent of the Labour Office as it is highly user-friendly.

The page creation is easy because the Visual Composer plug-in is integrated. It' s an awesome utility that uses pull & fall so you can create a fully operational website in no time. The topic can be further expanded with add-on functions. As an example, the resource manager makes it easy for your user to enroll and submit their CV.

Some useful ready-made blanks are available for those who do not have a CV. Website users can update to use WC Paid Listing. Thus, the implementation of chargeable offers is facilitated and every website becomes a fully-fledged job portal. Featuring the famed 5-minute installation to get your website up and running in a flash.

It' a fully customisable design with limitless colour and type variants and many other features to optimise your website. That is my favourite topic on this mailing and its incredible appeal shows that tens of millions of users agree with me. The JobCareer is a great tool for the webmaster who wants to set up a state-of-the-art and fully featured job exchange site with a wealth of enhanced features without having to type a line of coding.

The theme is full of useful plug-ins and stunning, professionally styled templates and sites that allow the first website building, designing and setting up an intuitively airy affair via a drag-and-drop webpage. The JobCareer application really shines when it comes to the specific items and functions developed specifically for jobsites.

Capabilities such as geographic job search, job and e-mail notifications or job deadline make JobCareer surprisingly versatile within its range, and capabilities such as Resume Manager, Profile Completion and Indeed Job Import make it a pleasure to work with. Begin today to build your job exchange website with JobCareer! The recruitment agency is a fast and adaptive WordPress theme.

Since it is based on Bootstrap, you get it with tonnes of automated shortcuts. Placement is an excellent fit for companies and individual candidates who need to disclose their profiles. The recruiting company subdivides the pages into lists according to what you are looking for to recruit or advertise for. Featuring unrestricted portfolio and blogs layout.

The placement service is development friendly: it does not need any programming skills to be established. There are also nice picture and videogalleries with Slider Revolution. The layout in general reacts with boundless colours, side bars and parallax effect. When it comes to personnel placement, there are no boundaries! The JobsDirectory is a nice WordPress theme for job agencies and job agencies.

Because JobsDirectory has multiple monetisation features in place, you can earn a fee for each contribution and submit. Website home page may include a fully functional card, CityWise banner or slider. If you host your own employment agency service, you cannot allow yourself to sell off your people. Since this topic is optimised for searching machines, your contributions and job are not ignored by Google.

Everything in one single source, WordPress Sitemaps by Yoast and Google XML Sitemaps. Regarding the monetisation, you will be able to build excellent on-line shops via the WooCommerce favorite Plugin. The Cariera consists of a multitude of high-quality plug-ins such as Visual Composer. Featuring boundless color, movable side bars, and several header and footer lines.

There is also slider revolution to create stunning art Galleries and Sliders. The Cariera theme has been developed for almost every situation that can create a working area. ItĀ also provides job finder and resume filings, and uses the Contact Form 7 to create custom form sheets, and has a kid theme.

The Injob WordPress theme is aimed at the vocational and careers sectors. Injob gives you Visual Composer, limitless post side bars, and over 1000 web font icons. With Injob, you get hand-crafted choices like front administration review or emailing. From unbelievable panel/ashboard choices for both businesses to professionals and individual users.

It is a useful instrument for the best practice option to improve job opportunities. The Jobera is a high-performance, feature-rich design that lets you easily customise a host of functions from your WordPress dashboard. The topic is ideal for recruiters, job exchanges and any mid -sized to large business that usually has several job openings!

Job exchange and CV data base with frontend filing and processing. The WP Job Manager is one of the best job exchange creation tools available with WordPress. Speaking for myself, I loved the subject, and I recently set up a job and CV portal for a recruiting company that uses the subject; their company started right away thanks to Jobera's neat look, easy user experience and socially networked integrations!

The JobEngine software unites high-performance utilities with easy use. The topic includes basic job administration utilities that allow you to organize quotes by site, job types, categories, and other metrics. The JobEngine is optimised for tens of different billing methods and currency to place your website worldwide. This theme also has many other awesome things I haven't seen on other topics, and it's great to see their demos to see how well it's done!

This is a great topic for creating a job exchange website to publish job offers for pets. The design is WordPress 4 compliant. and has great theme functions that are perfectly suited for creating a full-fledged job exchange. And it comes with demo content and PSDs to help you build a job exchange site with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even download and use the PSD file to view your job listings.

BitSitter is build on Bootstrap 3.2. Zero with LESS/CSS for more comfortable adjustment of the design. Available in either full-width or boxed layout, it provides 7-foot widgets, limitless colour choices, enhanced fonts and symbols, and a variety of high-performance shortcuts. Redux Framework is also part of this theme to turn it into a fun and exciting job board.

It also provides theme customizer assistance for a real-time editors. The topic is fully integrated with WP Job Manager, Resume Manager, Advanced Google Map, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. Baby Sitter is a fully featured and fully adjustable WordPress theme for the creation of pro babysitting websites. The design includes a variety of functions such as infinite colour variation, shortcuts, demo contents and excellent technical assistance.

Thanks to its high-performance theme choices, this theme can also be optimized for general job ad sites. FreeLance Engine grabs tens of functions to create your own individual and pro free lance website similar to Upwork, Freelancer.com and many others. The theme has an integrated payments portal for simpler transaction and an enhanced sort algorithms for simpler searches of job advertisements and freelance profile offers.

The Freelancer Engine is an advance program and you will never suspect that it is based on WordPress! It' s standard high performance, but developer's provide many enhancements to this design to make it even better. That is the right topic if you are serious about trying to play between free market places against big names!

The Job Boards is a contemporary, neat and crisp WordPress theme from Templatic. Everything you need for a fully functioning job exchange, including front-end submits, automatic payment, various page and e-mail layouts, Google Maps integrations and a dozen other useful functions. All of these functions can be modified or personalized using the easy but effective theme choices.

Review the Job Board yourself and find out what it can do for your prospective website! The WP Job Board is equipped with a variety of functions. The WP Job Board is very simple to deploy - all with just one click! JobBoard is fully WordPress compliant - a great complement to your website, whatever your tastes!

Thanks to his various methods of optimizing your website for various types of online advertising and searching engines, you can attract more follower to your website. The 3 major obstacles that keep humans from building job exchanges are there, and this plug-in has removed them all: Without a doubt multifunctional, this plug-in can turn out to be very efficient. The WordPress Job Board works well with other third parties like Stripe and Paypal.

You can find a detailled critique for this plug-in here. The WP Job Manager is a high-performance and easy-to-use jobboard plug-in that is fully compliant with most WordPress topics. It can be integrated into any WordPress website and the WP Job Manager works well! This is a massively scalable and scalable solution with multiple billing and listings capabilities.

A number of add-ons are available to enhance the features with user-defined CV pages, various payments integrations, payed offers, online access and much more. Would you like to build a job exchange that looks great?

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